6 Steps to becoming a trusted editor at work

I love to sell (there I said it) and I love building lasting relationships with clients. Customers sense that I have their best interests in mind when I work with them and that I feel that my job is to solve their needs rather than to simply push sales down their throats. I have found that the best way to become a trusted editor is to be passionate about what I am doing.  It is rewarding when a customer comes in and asks for me by name, and for me, it feels just as good when a client comes in and asks for one of my associates by name.  How do you not only become a trusted editor yourself but train others to mimic you?

  1. Be authentic:  if you are fake it will show no matter how good a liar you think you are. If you don’t know the answer to a question, it is okay.  Don’t make something up, rather find out the answer and follow up with your customer.
  2. Know what you are selling:  whether it is clothing, finance, a house, health care, etc.  it is crucial that you understand and are familiar with your product
  3. Know who your customer is:  the landscape changes if you are dealing with an internal or external customer.
  4. Keep the lines of communication open:  don’t just sell, listen to your customer and fulfill needs.  One of my coworkers puts it well when she says that she is not a seller but a “life-stylist”
  5. Believe that you have something special to share with your customer:  YOU! Remember that you are the expert and the trusted editor.
  6. Continue learning:  take classes, read industry magazines/websites/blogs, and keep broadening your horizons.  There is always someone out there who knows something that you don’t.

Most importantly, act the part all of the time.  My husband Robert has a commanding presence and wherever I go with him, people assume that he is in charge.  That is because he behaves like a leader.  I am perceived as an expert in the field of customer experience and leadership because I act like an expert.  Become the part you want to play.




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