I am so ready for Spring!

In Reno we are blessed with 2 seasons per year; Winter and Summer.  I have lived here most of my adult life and don’t remember ever experiencing more than one week of Spring.  Don’t get me wrong, snow is great because it means that skiing is good, and that we improve our overall drought conditions.  What gets me down about winter is the sullen moods I encounter when the sky is gray and the weather is cold. At work I can feel the difference with some customers when it is stormy.  Who really wants to shop during a snowstorm anyway?  It is difficult to sell light and airy Spring fashions when there is a foot of snow on the ground. 

My question in all of this is how do you remain engaged during off-times such as the weather we have been having?  It is so easy to become discouraged and not want to connect with your customer (internal or external) when things are slow and it is hard to build momentum and bring the mood back up once it has been lowered. You can only refold a task so many times before you go mad from boredom.  I have created a list of ideas to keep up the engagement level on a down day.

  • Ensure your surroundings are well-lit.  This may seem like a no-brainer but people tend to stay awake and feel better in a lit room versus a dark cave.
  • Think of a game to play that day with your co-workers, kids, subordinates (or whoever else I may have forgotten).  This idea brings me back to when I was a kid and we would play heads up seven up on rainy or snowy days.  Instead count how many pairs of Uggs you see or how many umbrellas people are carrying, or what color jackets are the most prevalent.  
  • Bring in a treat for the gang.  Who’s mood is not uplifted by a box of donuts?
  • Most importantly, like I always say, act the part:  if you act happy, others will sense it and it becomes infectious, which is a much better alternative to coming in with a permanent frown. 

3 thoughts on “I am so ready for Spring!

  1. ireneyachan says:

    Great post, Mim! I wish I had read something like this when I was still in retail. I totally agree with your points, especially the last one. You never know how your action can influence others and a happy person definitely makes those around them happy.


  2. peterthorburn says:

    Reno has 300 hundred sunny days a year! That’s a pretty good ratio. Just remind them of that because if they lived in the mid-west it truly is the opposite. I miss the rain sometimes (I’m from the MI).


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