Who are you and where is your voice?

Lately, I have been reading tons of blogs and applying what I have learned to my every day life. The biggest take home message I received so far is to sell myself first, then a product. There are lists up the wazoo of what to do but I am not hearing about the experiences that have led people to devise these lists. Did you learn tidbits in a classroom setting or in the field, or do you just want to spout off your own bullshit? Some blogs really give me a sense of who the author is, and these are the ones I enjoy the most.

As a blogging customer (I consider my RSS subscriptions a purchase even though they are free), I want to hear a story about the events that inspired your current belief system. At work on our Customer Experience Survey, one of the questions asked is about how inspiring your shopping experience was. I used to think that was a stupid question because I didn’t understand the relationship between shopping and inspiration.

Then I thought that the inspiration had more to do with how the  mannequins are dressed. The reality is that the way the mannequins are fashioned has little to do with an inspiring experience. You are the inspiration! Share a piece of yourself with your customer whether it is in a store or on a blog. This doesn’t mean that we need to see photos of you drunk wearing a thong (thanks to my personal branding professor Bret Simmons for that image). Let me hear your voice and I will be inspired to read more, buy more, and get to know you better. 

4 thoughts on “Who are you and where is your voice?

  1. Jeffrey Sumber says:

    Hi Miriam! Great blog post- I totally agree that without being ourselves in business, networking, teaching and just about everything else in life, we miss a huge opportunity to grow as individuals. If we aren’t growing as individuals, then what’s really the point? So, great reminder, thanks!!!


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