Has Spring Sprung in Your Life?

You can’t tell by looking out the window but it is the first week of spring. In Reno, there are high wind advisories creating sideways blowing snow and more snow coming down in the Sierra Nevada mountains right now.  However,  it is still time to start my spring cleaning. Oh where to start?

My house is crowded and stuffy from all of the crap I have accumulated over the past year. I am a grad student taking 3 classes this semester while working full-time at my day job. Oh yeah, I have 2 children to look after (Avery 20, Sam 13) during my down time. With such a full schedule, I often wonder how I am supposed to keep up with it all. Falling behind is not an option for me.

As a serial procrastinator, I am much more likely to goof around on my computer for hours instead of sorting and folding laundry. The den where I do my homework and write my blog is riddled with miscellaneous papers, blank CD’s notebooks, my old Blackberry, and lots of other things piled up around the room.

Today I leave all the mess behind and start anew. It is impossible to set a good example for my children when my own space looks like this. It is also hard for me to expect my direct reports at work to keep their work areas tidy when I am disheveled in my own life. When you are a mess in one area of your world, it is bound to cross over into others.

All of this recent thinking made me realize that I need to enhance my planning abilities in order accomplish my objectives. Long ago, I started keeping a calendar with all of my appointments in it so that I could unclutter my purse and stay better organized. I can’t even remember when I did not maintain a  schedule on my phone, which proves to me that I have the ability to plan better.

The best way to clean up your life (work or home) is to start small with steps so you will be successful and want to continue. For now, my personal goal is to clean up the den so that I can become more efficient when searching for things when I need them. In the next few days I will challenge myself with something a bit larger, like my closet (I am cringing at the thought).

Spring is a time for rebirth and rediscovery. If I can retrain my messy ways, so can you! What will your first project be?

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