Customer service is not only for the customer

As a customer experience connoisseur, part of my day is spent thinking about how I can improve the overall experience for the client. Yesterday it hit me that effective customer service is facilitated not only by the the seller but by the customer herself. What I mean to say is that the interaction between both parties must be in sync. I am happy to service all customers who come my way with all that I am, but when you are rude to me, it plain old bums me out.

When I owned a bridal store, it was a highly intensive service environment where I personally dressed each bride who tried on a gown. In doing so I was able to monitor what was in the fitting room and ensure that all garments were returned with care to their rightful places.

Crossing over into ready to wear, the level of service is definitely different for both the sellers and the sellees. Unlike bridal, customers are free to dress themselves in the fitting rooms and to wander about the sales floor experiencing the product first-hand. With this freedom comes responsibility on the customers part in that they should treat product or services respectfully.

Entering a place of business is somewhat like entering someone’s home. Would you go into a house and randomly throw things on the floor and then step on them? If you don’t like the appetizer that is being served, you leave the uneaten portion of food on the plate and move on to something else. Your host should not be insulted that you don’t eat everything served because taste is individual in nature. However she would be miffed if you left the untouched meatball on the carpet instead.

How you respond in someone else’s home is how you should behave when visiting a business. You may not like what is being sold. A good business person understands that your needs may not be aligned to what they are selling. But please remember that the employee is only there to service you as best he can, so kindly remember to not throw meatballs on the floor of their establishment.

2 thoughts on “Customer service is not only for the customer

  1. peterthorburn says:

    Bad customers can definitely put a damper on a customer service provider’s day! There is no desire or motivation to properly serve a crappy customer. It is a give/take relationship both ways. I like the meatball analogy too!


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