How to drive the bus to success

Do you have a mantra or a tag-line that people remember you for at work? Everyone I work with knows mine is “Drive the Bus!!” What I mean by driving the bus is that I want to see results, and effective teamwork is how we get there.

You may be wondering what a bus has to do with teamwork or results? Once a coworker said that she didn’t want to drive a bus because buses are slow so she would rather get in a Porsche and drive. I like driving fast and would love to drive a sports car along side her when I am not at work. However, the problem with a Porsche or any other sport car is that it usually only seats 2, which equates to the rest of the team being left behind.

As a leader, I want my entire sales team to drive for results, not just a select few. On occasion there is a person who misses the bus stop for some reason and lags behind. The great thing about my bus route is that it circles around again to pick you up, so there is always a second chance.

Another connotation for driving the bus is that I expect the team to do whatever it takes to be successful. Of course, by anything, I don’t mean anything illegal or unethical. The expectation is that by putting the customers needs first, we can achieve our goals. The customers provide us with gas for our bus and without their support, we will get stuck in the middle of the road unable to move.

The next time you are contemplating how to inspire greatness in  others, think about the bus. What kind do you drive, and what are the expectations involved? Driving buses may not work for your personality or situation, so don’t be afraid to create your own proverbial tag-line or mantra.

Have fun driving, and don’t forget to toot the horn for people who wave.

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