Please Don’t Throw Me Under the Bus!

Lately I am obsessed with  buses. I continually search for hidden meaning in them. You can drive them to success or you can throw people under them. It is amazing how many analogies there are when it comes to buses. We all know that the wheels on the bus go round and round.  I have seen them drive sideways too (metaphorically speaking of course).

In the rush to get on the sales bus, businesses are so worried that they will miss the opportunity to get on that they stand in the way, throwing themselves under. I say this because currently it seems almost impossible to sell product without a large promotion or discount, which directly affects the gross margin.

There are 3 ways a company can compete for your sale: price, service, or superior technology/craftsmanship. in order to differentiate your brand in the marketplace, you must decide where you will best compete. I tend to gravitate towards high quality service because I feel that price puts you in the lowest common denominator and technology is fleeting but you can be known for outstanding service.

Competing priorities don’t move you forward, they only serve to confuse the customer. If you try to be everything to everybody, you run the risk of overheating the engine of your bus and not making it to the next stop. If you don’t effectively compete in any category, no one will want to ride your bus.

A great thing about bus routes is that another one comes along at least every half hour. I may not be traveling in your direction but I may want to get on your bus, buy a ticket and ride around town. So please don’t throw me under.

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