Keep the sky from falling through prioritization

The sky is falling

As a student, wife, mom, and a leader I find it to be surprisingly easy to become distracted and get nothing done. I recently read a post on the Careeralism site about time managment and realized that they were talking about my condition. Excuses include the fact that I try to be a super woman and do it all (yeah right). There are always deadlines to meet people to see and places to go. I find that there are times when I crave nothing but a mind numbing experience like playing solitaire or Angry Birds. There is something soothing about catapulting those birds and smacking the smiles off the green piggies.

And so on, and so on, and so on…

Ha! You caught me losing myself. The point here is that in order to remain focused, you must learn to prioritize your time. I believe it when you say that everything must be done, but what is the most important task you need to accomplish today? I often ask myself, what will make the sky cave in if I don’t do it?

Is the sky falling yet? 

In reality I do realize that the sky should not cave in no matter what I do or don’t do, so I think again reformulating my agenda to the question of what adds the most value? If I am on a day off from work and have a paper due the next day, completing the assignment adds the most value because I need the grade in order to graduate. If I am tasked with printing and reading sales reports for work, that is my priority because the metrics involved are directly affected by my actions and directions.

Creating a list

I attempted to keep a list of daily tasks and found it frustrating when I only get one or two things done, leaving a whole list for the next day. With the added stress, the list began to snowball out of control until I found myself sitting for hours playing on my Iphone.

 Time to try something else

Okay, so maybe the list was not the greatest idea for me personally. I regularly use the calendar on my phone for appointments, but that is about the extent of my list taking. The great thing is that if one method doesn’t work, you can always try another. It is important to keep trying and not get too discouraged.

Ongoing Battle

Being a big picture person, I get distracted and bogged down with minutia, which is why I try to keep my priorities fairly broad. Priorities include subjects such as clean the house, positively affect conversion at work, or homework day. There are still those mornings when I reach for the Iphone and turn on the Angry Birds again. Luckily this occurs less and less. When I get up in the morning, I take a moment and ask what will keep the sky from falling on me? 

As I try to improve the skill of priority setting, I am considering making it a regular weekly topic. What method keeps the sky from falling on you? Share your thoughts on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Keep the sky from falling through prioritization

  1. Rachel Paulsen says:

    I have found that the best way for me to get everything done is to first understand what it is that I need to do. So, I start out at the beginning of the week and write out everything that needs to be done for school for the week. Then, at the beginning of every day I stare at that list, and pick the things that are the most important, or the most likely to be accomplished for that day, and I do those things. Making a list like that helps me to see what I have to do, and to start to prioritize and make sure everything gets finished. Thanks for the article Miriam!


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