Customer Service Lessons from America’s Next Top Model

One of my favorite pastimes is hanging around with my daughter Avery watching America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) marathons. It is a terrific girl-time bonding experience, munching on a big bowl of popcorn and vegging out for hours while making fun of the pretty girls as they fall apart. The transformation shown by many of these wanna-be models is amazing and the outpouring of emotion makes great drama.

Enough of the Girl Blabber Already!

What you may not expect from a reality show like ANTM is a lesson in customer service. It is not Tyra Banks who provides the superior customer experience. Each of the contestants must learn to sell herself to Tyra as well as an assortment of judges in order to advance in the competition. Tyra is no easy customer to please, as she forces each girl to reach deep inside herself to be considered a professional model.

ANTM is more about learning how not to be a diva than celebrating a girl’s beauty. In providing a successful experience, a model  learns to accommodate her customer whether it is Tyra, a designer or a photographer. It is a hard pill to swallow when one of the contestants realizes that she is not the center of the universe, and is sent home. A model must convince the judges week after week that she is absorbing lessons and all of the feedback, and that ultimately she is the right fit to represent the show.

Who is Your Customer?

I am a true believer that customer service lessons can be found everywhere and ANTM is no exception. Now it is your turn to find a customer service lesson in an unexpected venue. Where have you found an example that would be worthy of Tyra? Share your thoughts.

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