Is planning and strategy enough to drive the bus?

Get outta my way while I drive the bus!

OK, I did it again. It has been a while since I referenced a bus in the post title, but as mentioned before in earlier posts, buses are a symbol of success for me. This post’s analogy questions if you create and implement a sound strategy, should it be sufficient to create traffic and sales?

Beep beep

Just because you plan it and build it, doesn’t mean they will come (yeah I know that was a cheesy reference to “Field of Dreams“). If you have no customers getting on the bus with you, then why continue driving in circles? One reason I believe good strategy is not a great indicator of ROI is because we are generally over-promoted. There is a bus leaving the platform every minute and the customer is unsure which one she should board.

How do you create excitement about an event when there is something else which starts the next day? Should we offer such unbelievable discounts on service or product that you simply can’t afford to stay home? Do you offer a special event only to your very best customers or only by appointment? So many questions but so few good answers!

Lesson learned: find the bus with the correct destination

Perhaps it is time to ask the customer what really motivates him to visit your business, putting an end to this crazy runaway bus which negates hard work put forth creating events. If it is merely price or value, you have your answer to continue with mindless promotions day after day. Specialty niches exist where events can become personal extensions reaching out to their client base.

There is no point wasting effort in creating an exclusive in-house event if your customer does not consider it worth his time. As a business professional you are deteriorating resources driving empty buses. Better use might mean fewer more meaningful destinations.

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