The Character of a leader

Some light summer reading

There is something about spring that makes me want to re-evaluate life. Maybe its because as the weather  gets warmer, my family digs out all of the crap lying around all winter and donates/throws out/re-organizes things. Maybe because I am nearing the end of my studies in the MBA program at UNR (expected grad. Dec 2011!!). I find it is also a good time to dig deep into my psyche questioning what is really important to me?

Some classics revealed

I am currently taking a management class in summer school where I have been forced to read and read and read…classics such as Heart of Darkness, Death of a Salesman, and (swallow hard here) The Fountainhead. Although each book is written in a different format (novella, play, dreadfully long novel), they all convey a strong core message about leadership. These and other stories portrayed management styles that did not value the employee. The leadership teams rewarded productivity and as soon as the employee was no longer quite so valuable, he was discarded.

As a leader, what is important to you? What qualities do you want to be known for? Are you similar to Willy Loman or Peter Keating who treasured being liked above all? Their sense of self was tied to others perceptions of them. Perhaps you are comparable to Kurtz (hope not) and believe that you are above all rules? Are you void of personality like Howard Roark?

Lesson Learned: discover your style

Personally, I want to be known for being competitive yet fair, authoritative yet empathetic. It all starts from the top. The attributes in which you lead your employees is the way your employees will ultimately behave.

Spring is almost over. It is time for you to reach up, discover your nature and re-evaluate your style. Share your thoughts on leadership styles. What attributes do you believe contribute to a successful leader?

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