Do you trust your fellow leaders enough to share food off your plate?

Crazy good sandwich served at Carnegie Deli in NYC

Just a little prework

I just had one of the greatest experiences so far as a grad student at UNR. I participated in a management class tying leadership to the humanities; all while sightseeing in New York City. The three weeks leading up to the trip were grueling in that I read and wrote papers on 11 different books, plays, case studies, and watched two movies as well. All of this prework prepared me to open my mind as to the connection between two seemingly different arts (business and art).

The visit to New York was challenging on many fronts. Not only did a reside in a dorm room at NYU for one week (I haven’t slept in a dorm since I was 18 yrs old), but more importantly I had to learn to trust in other people’s leadership skills.

Being that I have now been part of the MBA program for over two years, I recognized many classmates before the trip, although most of them were only acquaintances. There were a few students who were complete strangers as well. A commonality that united us all was a desire to learn.


By the end of the first day, I knew everyone’s name. The following day, we were already sharing stories about past experiences and future hopes. We became comrades in the field as we toured the city by route of museums such as MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and MAD (Museum of Art and Design). We shared an architectural walking tour through lower Manhattan and began to understand how leadership helped shape this great city.

Lesson learned: open wide and order enough for everyone!

On the third day, we were sharing food off of each others plates. This seemingly small gesture signified a transformation from mere acquaintances to friendships. A trust had been built to share in our experiences with food. A lesson that we all learned is that leadership can be a collaborative effort, that enriches all who partake.

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