4 thoughts on “#trust30 my top 3 dreams

  1. michilantz says:

    Miriam, dreams are such guiding stars. I like your dreams. Not every dreams has significance as intuitive messages but many are.
    As I am very interested in symbolism and archetypal patterns, I hope you don’t mind some input I have in terms of interpretations.

    Vehicles are about power, control, navigation, direction and innovation. That’s a powerful symbol of will. Vehicles also point to the ability to escape. Don’t like what’s going on? Jump in a car and leave it behind.

    To dream that you are being chased is how the dreaming mind often processes conflict – in terms of escape. Dream vehicles are also symbolic of navigating our way through the various mazes we find ourselves in. Maybe you need to ‘draw a map’ to get a clear picture of where you’re heading?

    To dream that you can fly is about messages. You gain insight, new spiritual heights maybe you need to clear out the mind clutter to see more clearly what lies ahead? Or it can also mean that you are about to move; physically or mentally, to a new location or to get a different approach to something. Either way it is about being able to fly high to see longer and above the ‘clouds’.

    As for myself I write down the “weird” dreams, you read at http://barefootonsacredground.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/dreams/.

    In’Lakesh, Michi


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Welcome Michi, and thanks for your dream interpretations. It really helps me to have some kind of idea what they mean. I often find that I dream of chasing people when I wake up and then try to reenter the dream. I think that i am chasing and asking people if they have seen “so and so,” Maybe I am reaching with this one? I look forward to continuing our conversation. Miriam


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