10 attributes I can live without #trust30

There is no secret recipe; only you.

Personal Recipe by Harley Schreiber

I do not wish to expiate, but to live. My life is for itself and not for a spectacle. I much prefer that it should be of a lower strain, so it be genuine and equal, than that it should be glittering and unsteady. I wish it to be sound and sweet, and not to need diet and bleeding. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Think about the type of person you’d NEVER want to be 5 years from now. Write out your own personal recipe to prevent this from happening and commit to following it. “Thought is the seed of action.”

(Author: Harley Schreiber)

As kids we dream of  who we want to be as grown ups. I remember thinking my parents didn’t know anything of real value and that I (a teenager) held the secrets of the universe. At that time, I knew I did not want to be exactly like them.

The problem with this is you don’t take after strangers.  Nature and nurture get in the way, and in the end, you resemble your parents more than you think you ever would. Now that I am an adult (parent, leader, etc.) I may not know exactly who I want to be; I am still a work in progress. However, I do have a good idea who I don’t want to be five years from now.

  1. I don’t want to be lonely
  2. I don’t want to be unemployed
  3. I don’t want to be lazy
  4. I don’t want to stop caring about people
  5. I don’t want to be working on my feet forever
  6. I don’t want to be a victim
  7. I don’t want to be unhealthy
  8. I don’t want to let life pass me by while I sit in the sidelines
  9. I don’t want to still be in school
  10. I don’t want to be saying and wondering what if?

Now, all I need is a magic recipe to ensure I never gain any of these attributes. Ha, ha! The reality is, there is no secret recipe. There is only me, and my will to succeed (borrowed from the wisdom in KungFu Panda).

3 thoughts on “10 attributes I can live without #trust30

  1. Ibotenicus says:

    Ah, I like this. You did the prompt in the true spirit of the asking. I have been thinking about revisiting this prompt myself, and replying along the lines you have but in my own voice of course. Thanks for shareing.


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