A major life goal and the fear surrounding it #trust30

a daily reminder for a major life goal

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is #trust30 and why did I pledge to complete it?

Throughout the past month, I have taken part in a 30 day online writing challenge which has forced me to search with a new-found intensity within myself while learning to trust what I discover. The daily theme revolves around self-reliance and each writing prompt tested me (sometimes at an uncomfortable level) to dig deeper into my soul.

Why participate? I thought it looked like fun and with the summer (mostly) free from school, it would keep my brain active. Also, with me getting so close to graduation (December 2011, YAY!) I thought it might help me learn to focus on what I really want to achieve in my life.

That being said, here is my answer to the latest prompt…

Major life goal: I want to find begin have a career that brings me joy.

Three (uncertainties) fears related to  achieving this goal-

  1. I am not enough
    1. I am not qualified or will not be viewed as such
    2. I will not be taken seriously because thus far my professional life has pertained to retail
    3. I am in over my head
  2. I don’t know where I fit in
    1. I don’t know how to find the right career
    2. I don’t know if I can find the right career in Reno, or if I will have to relocate
    3. I am unsure where I can be of the most value
  3. I may make the wrong choice
    1. I don’t want to be rejected
    2. I am comfortable where I am and with what I do now
    3. I may not like where I choose to work

Lesson learned: self-discovery can be painful

Urgh, that was definitely one of the more uncomfortable posts written during this challenge. Now that my fears are broken down into little bite-size chunks, I will be able to take them on one at a time.

It is never to late to learn self-reliance. We all have fears that keep us at the unopened door. What is your greatest fear/setback? Why aren’t you doing what you love or at least looking for it? These answers and more are within us all. Share your thoughts on your greatest fear.

#trust30 prompt: Write down a major life goal you have yet to achieve or even begin to take action on. For each goal, write down three uncertainties (read: fears) you have relating to each goal. Break it down further, and write down three reasons for each uncertainty. When you have three reasons for your fear, you’ll be able to start processing the change because you know where the fear stems from. Now you’ll be able to make a smaller changes that push you towards your larger goal. So begins the process of “trusting yourself.”

(Author: Sean Ogle)

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