Who am I? #trust30

Hello Kitty lover at heart

#trust30prompt- Be You: In one sentence, who are you? Author: Elizabeth Presson

Me in a nutshell

Somehow it seems impossible to sum up who I am in one sentence, as I consider myself a complicated individual. There are many aspects to who I am that I’m completely unaware of and many more I am conscious of. So, to be fair, I asked those who know and love me best to sum me up in one sentence. Here are some of their answers.

  • Robert: husband–My wife is a hardworking, over-emotional and loving person who has achieved amazing things in her lifetime.
  • Sam: son-13–My mommy is the person who loves me the most.
  • Avery: daughter-20–My mom loves pink, sparkly Hello Kitty.
  • Laura: sister (I won’t give her age, she wouldn’t like it)–My sister is a dedicated mother, worker, and overall great person.
  • Doris: mom–My daughter Miriam is a loving mother, wife, daughter who cares about the fate of others, while driving her own ambition.
  • Hal: dad is out of town at the moment so I will let it slide for now and get back to him later 🙂
  • Yvonne: friend–Miriam is a wise insightful woman who cares deeply about others, a loyal friend, fun-loving, and open-minded who is determined to find your next step in life; something meaningful and purposeful.
  • Kelli: friend– Miriam is brilliant articulate, fun and she has a bodacious gorgeous cleavage (her words, not mine).
  • Kelly: co-worker–Miriam is determined and passionate in whatever she does, whenever she does it.

The wonderful thing about this exercise has been discovering how my loved-ones would describe me. I would recommend this to anyone as a spiritual pick-me-up when you are feeling inadequate. The reality is that everyone is special and important to someone else. Find that someone, ask him or her to describe you. The answers may surprise you!

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