Where do you expect great customer service?

Where do you expect to receive great customer service? Do you think it is reserved for high end services or products? We have been led to believe so, as our society has become a self-service culture.

Please help yourself

It is cheaper to have consumers ring themselves out at the grocery store. We are expected (except in a couple of states) to pump our own gas. Social interactions in warehouse type stores (i.e. Costco) are minimal.

It doesn’t matter where I am, as my expectation for a superior experience remains intact. Without a positive customer experience, one carries little hope of achieving repeat business.

My friend went to a local car lot, hoping to buy a car for her college-bound son. After walking around aimlessly, searching for someone to help her, she finally gave up and left. There was a salesman there who was helping someone else, but he never even looked my friend in the eye and said hello.

Considering a car is an expensive purchase, I would expect better than being completely ignored. Obviously, she will not be going back to this car lot or recommending her friends. The opposite is probably true in that she told me about her lousy experience and may be sharing this with others as well.

Lesson learned: customer service matters

In this economic climate, businesses cannot afford to ignore potential customers and expect to keep their doors open. Whether you work in a shee-shee  high end boutique or a value-driven large retailer, you must remember that good customer service matters every time, every day, everywhere.

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