Watch Your (SM)Manners: VLOG#4

How well do you watch your manners?

There are a variety of signals that you need to learn/improve social media manners. This post was inspired by the #smmanners twitter chat held each Tuesday at 7pm PST. Following, is a short list of traits leading to poor manners.

  1. Are you a spambot?  If you have no tweets listed, follow lots of tweeps, and have no followers of your own, you probably are a bot. But then again, bots don’t really care that they are inhuman.
  2. Are you guilty of auto-DM’ing your twitter followers? No one is really sure why people do this, as it is so impersonal and rude. an auto-DM is essentially junk-mail or a form letter which usually leads to being un-followed on twitter (by me and many others!)
  3. Do you rarely if ever retweet others posts? You should make it a regular habit to engage with others by retweeting. It is considered good manners to retweet (RT)  tweets when you like what they are saying. It sends a signal to the original author that you enjoy what they post.
  4. Are you only interested in seeing your Klout score rise and rarely if ever engage with others? Don’t get me wrong, I like to see my Klout score rise too, but not at the expense of being inauthentic (there is that pesky theme again).

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you could use some polish to your manners. At work, are you genuinely greeting customers? Do you truly listen to their desires and fulfill their needs?

Unfortunately, there is no magic words that can make  a rude ill-mannered person care and try to change his ways. The reality is, we can all learn to be more sensitive of others feelings both in real life and in the virtual world of social media.

5 thoughts on “Watch Your (SM)Manners: VLOG#4

  1. eof737 says:

    Neat video and good points… Lately, I have little time for much social media effort, and so my hey days of re-tweeting everyone and joining new social networks are vastly reduced. I’ve joined more than enough and don’t need more… I still occasionally manage a #FF and a few tweets/re-tweets and that’s it. But these are helpful tips, especially for newbies joining the game. 🙂


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