a reason for everything?

It's her fault!

Do good (or bad) things happen for a reason? Why do we feel a need to explain everything? What if it were true that events occur randomly, without any rhyme or reason? Worse yet, untold consequences may transpire despite time spent on strategy and planning. In other words “Shit happens!”

Bad things come in 3’s

A friend reminded me that bad things happen in sets of three. I hear the saying from time to time as an explanation for unfortunate happenings such as death, car wrecks, money problems, bad break-ups, etc. I wonder who made that rule up?

When the fourth bad thing occurs, do you start counting again? If you are on number two,  do you brace yourself and wait for something rotten to come along? Yup, just call you Ms. Blue because you will be the one holding your breath.


When you think about it, the idea of explaining phenomena through sets of numbers is silly. I believe there are situations beyond my control. This does not make me a victim.  Awareness lends me the ability to gather my thoughts and realize that although I am not controlling the universe, I am responsible for how I act and react.

If you are waiting for the third shoe to drop (who has three feet anyway?), let go of your breath and take inventory of what is going on. Heck, write down a list if it helps. What steps led to the unfavorable outcome? If you find they are things within your control, congratulations! You now have an opportunity for self-growth.

Isn’t it easier to lay blame on someone/something else?


It is always easier to blame circumstances on the moon, the economy (well I do that one too), your ex, the bank…The list can go on indefinitely. Blame is not the problem or the answer in that blaming doesn’t solve anything.

If that dream job is eluding you, consider your tactics. How realistic are your goals?  Search your resume to see if your skill-set matches that of the career you have picked. If you are missing some key ingredients, you have another opportunity for self-development and growth.

Own your reaction to a situation. If you and a significant other break up, think about why. Perhaps, the relationship was flawed because your personalities were mismatched from the start. Or, maybe you are now seeking something different out of life and it is simply time to move on. Either way, don’t blame yourself or the other person. Instead, hop on Facebook and change your relationship status  back to single and always continue moving forward.

4 thoughts on “a reason for everything?

  1. Yvonne says:

    People need to, as appropriate, go through a grieving process then yes, move on! Don’t get stuck in it. If they deny themselves the opportunity to grieve it becomes a skeleton in the closet waiting to burst out at any moment. I think some ppl that think things happen in 3’s might use it for a sense of hope, that their misfortune will turn around soon and life will resume in a positive note…


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Yvonne, grieving is fine, but don’t wallow in self-pity. (it’s unproductive) You have the perfect example with your new business. When one thing didn’t work, you found an alternative. Thanks for your comment! Miriam


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