fluffy and a bit off-topic

Tonight, when I came home from work, I had a few ideas about what I should blog about. One hour later, after eating dinner and perusing my RSS feed, I forgot all of my great ideas (or simply nixed them for being repetitive and boring).

Sam (my 13 year old son) suggested I blog about Snoball, our family pet. At first I thought, I blog about customer service, sales, leadership, and things pertaining to my view on life in the business world. What does a 12 year old, nearly blind, American Eskimo dog have to do with any of these topics?


Snoball the wonder-dog

The reality is she doesn’t work, talk (well she barks, but that’s a different story), contribute to the household income in any capacity. What Snoball provides is almost more important in that she is a constant source of admiration and love to the family.

Anyone who enters the house must pay homage to Snoball by sitting on the sofa and petting her until she is satisfied. In a sense, it is truly her house as she rarely leaves except for a visit to the groomer or the vet. We are the ones who move in and out throughout the day.

lesson learned: no lesson necessary

I think the greatest lesson I got from focusing on Snoball for this post, is that she has seen all and said nothing. Lately, Snoball can’t see two feet in front of her, yet she seems to gaze at me with wonder and adoration. Her positive attitude is one any leader or employee can learn from. No matter what, she is smiling and wagging her tail.

Snoball does not hold grudges. She is consistent in her behavior and faithful to her cause (barking at strangers, getting pet and fed). I dream of finding associates who exhibit half of her loyalty.

a faithful friend

Providing respite from the chaotic world around me, I lose myself in her fluffy mane.When I feel exasperated from work, school or the kids, she saunters over and sits next to me to get pet some more. Snoball can no longer jump up on the bed (arthritis and lack of vision I think). When I pick her up she rolls around on her back in ecstasy.

I know she won’t be with me forever, but I will be forever grateful of her.

Snoball relaxing

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