a selfless act of kindness

I-80 through downtown Reno, Nevada
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Setting the mood for the story

By any standard, I am a busy girl. As a result, I am nearly always either on my way somewhere, working on something or going someplace else. Summertime is an especially frustrating time to get anywhere on time because of road construction.

Living in Reno, located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, we have winters which seem to last indefinitely. The great news is we enjoy winter sports such as skiing, the downside is the roads crumble during winter and can only be repaired when it is warm.

Every day, I travel to work or school, I pass through a giant hot mess on US395 North where the freeway is being widened. At one point, the road bottle-necks into 2 lanes, which can try anyone’s patience during rush hour.

Yesterday’s jaunt to school

Yesterday, I was making my usual trek to school when I noticed  a lone hand thumping a tune on the roof of his car. The gestures were mesmerizing as the radio in my car  played. I imagined the hand was somehow conducting the music I heard.

I was so intrigued by his flourishing hand, that I barely noticed traffic as it came to a crawl. I am accustomed to the slow pace as freeway lanes taper off. There is no sense becoming upset as cars speed up or slow down trying to find a place in the queue.

Suddenly, I realized the person in front of me was not randomly waving to music, but signaling others to get in front of him. Where most people sped up to avoid anyone cutting in line (which by the way, makes the line go even slower) he selflessly beckoned those running out of road to come in.

The greatest kind of customer service

I often talk about how good customer service is about helping others attain their goals. Purchasing products or services are the byproduct of a healthy customer experience. If you feel that someone wants to help you and not cut you off, you want to do business with him instead of running him off the road.

Watching this stranger direct several cars (I counted at least 6) into the space in front, helped the other driver achieve his goal of getting into an open lane. Some car windows opened so that passing drivers could signal back in thanks to the friendly man conducting in the wind.

As well, he helped maintain the rhythm of traffic which was to the benefit of everyone traveling on US395 during rush hour. I will never know why he left enough space for oncoming traffic to squeak in, but I like to think it was because he wanted to serve others.

Lesson learned: wave your hand and welcome them in

When you are helping a client/customer/patron how do you perceive him? Is he an annoyance that is selfishly cutting in at the last second? Do you want to honk your horn and give him the finger? It is better to think of him as someone you have the opportunity to assist. It is your job to find the beat and conduct traffic to and from your business.



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