I want it now!

I am one of the most impatient people I know. No matter which line I choose at the grocery store, I inevitably pick the longest one. It feels as though time slows down and almost goes backwards as other patrons pass by. On the outside, I stay calm and zen-like but my brain secretly performs somersaults as the minutes pass and it is finally my turn.

How long should I wait?

no sense of delayed gratification

Waiting is especially excruciating when I want something badly. Decisions don’t always come easily, but when made, I am ready to go. It has been 3 years since I started work on an MBA, and I hate the anticipation. Urgh!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… Something worthwhile takes time. In all fairness, I have studied, worked hard, written countless papers and sacrificed a social life for the past 3 years. This is my last semester as a grad student and I don’t want to work on it anymore. I want someone to take pity on me and not make me wait.

what now?

As much as I yearn for the now moments, they still freak me out. A few weeks ago, on a lark, my husband Robert began searching the internet for homes owned by Fannie Mae. We are fortunate in that we bought our home almost 15 years ago and are not upside-down in payments or value.

Robert suddenly (there is that delayed gratification thing again) found a great house that is almost twice as large as our current home. It is selling for nearly 1/2 the original price and before I knew it, Poof! We had a pending offer accepted offer and will probably be moving in a month.

be careful what you wish for

Don’t get me wrong. The whole house process thing has been exciting, and I don’t feel as though we are making a mistake, but change is still scary. Thirty days of escrow feels like a year (delayed gratification issues) and the walls in our home seem to be getting smaller and tighter as we wait.

Some of my best decisions, were made quickly. Robert and I met on a cruise in December, and were married in October. I never looked back. Immediately after closing the bridal store I owned and operated for over 14 years, I didn’t hesitate to go back to school and earn a degree.

Well, OK. Actually, Robert sent me back to school kicking and screaming. But, that is another story. The point is that I did not wait to start school. We made the decision and ran with it.

lesson learned: find balance

Is it better to wait? My opinion is, “it depends.” When it comes to delays at the drive-thru or while shopping, waiting stinks. Impatience has its perks in that innovations may never develop if people are always fully satisfied with things as they are.

On the other hand, waiting to earn an MBA rather than paying a degree mill for a fake is worth it. Robert told me that my impatience concerning school means that I am truly ready for graduation.

When all has been accomplished, what will be next? What makes your mind race with impatience? What skills (if any) have you developed over time to combat the impatience? Share your thoughts and stories.

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