who is your mirror?

looking in the mirror

I am your mirror

In essence, we all want the same things; comfort, food and attention. We relish seeing ourselves reflected from within our surroundings. Whether it is found in the clothes we wear, level of education, chosen profession, where we live or method of transportation (i.e. do you drive a Mercedes or a Hyundai?), we are revealing part of ourselves to the world. All of this and more is known, understood and accepted throughout society.

What I don’t comprehend is how people seem to dissociate from their mirror images when it comes to behavior. They act a certain way, then take no responsibility for their actions. Do these people think we no longer notice their reflections as they rant about things that should remain within their control?

SWI (shopping while intoxicated)

Recently, I read an article in Retail Wire about the perils of drinking while taking to computers for retail therapy. SWI is certainly safer than driving an automobile while intoxicated. By itself, the practice seems harmless as more consumers make online purchases.

It becomes a problem when the shopper habitually purchases online only to regret it the next day when the buzz has worn off, promptly returning all merchandise to the online retailer or worse yet a brick and mortar counterpart. Maybe there should be a public service announcement where the message is, “don’t let friends shop drunk.”

time to take another peek in the mirror

Understandably, people buy things and then suffer from remorse. Sometimes they return product while others simply hoard it (another topic altogether). The fit may be wrong if it is apparel or perhaps the item may not be as it appears online. I really don’t have issues with consumers who don’t wish to keep everything they purchase. Things happen/change, no big whoop.

The behavior I can’t stand is when a customer tries to deflect accountability for his/her poor judgment by blaming the e-retailer for a shopping addiction. In many years of retail management, I have seen customers become abusive when a return cannot be processed because of a thrown out or misplaced invoice or cannot return special orders once shipped.  With a thunderous shout, he expects everyone to bend to his will and disregard all policy and procedure.

I am not sure there is anyone to blame for SWI. Is it really necessary to accuse either party for irresponsible spending? Rampant accountability avoidance can be found everywhere. The economy is still slow and people continue losing jobs and homes. Companies as well as individuals who can afford it the most, sit on mounds of cash, failing to help boost the flow of money. Is there any wonder that some choose to escape for a little while by shopping online with money they cannot afford to spend?

Share your thoughts about SWI or shopping in general. What do you do to elude depression?

4 thoughts on “who is your mirror?

  1. Pamela Morse (@Spafloating) says:

    SWI may be the entire reason the nation went into deep debt and depression. The basic urge to hide one’s spending from one’s self has reached an epidemic proportion. It is not so odd that retailers want to jump on the bandwagon. The sub prime mortgage people may not have been drinking alcohol, per se, but they were high on the “American Dream” of overextension of resources. You are right on about the mindlessness and remorse syndrome….glad I don’t deal with them.


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