float with the mermaids…

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Is there a difference between friends in the virtual world and the real world? A year ago, I would have thought absolutely. After all, my virtual friends consisted of people who would fertilize my crops on Farmville (my one year Farmville free anniversary is coming up). Now the difference between real and fantasy is becoming blurred as I am drawn to the desert in a mer-skirt.

My life will never be the same.

I just spent the past few days with a great friend I met through LinkedIn about a year ago. We connected through a sales group, later becoming friends on Facebook and Twitter. She is also a blogging tribal sister and part of my team #kloutjuice silliness. I don’t consider her less of a friend because we only met face to face three days ago.

My new friend Pam founded the Floatli Mermaid Institute Camp based in Tucson Arizona but soon to be making its arrival at Desert Hot Springs, California. The name of the event is Mermaids in the Desert and it takes place April Fools weekend 2012.

Yes I said the word mermaid with a straight face.

I don’t like to swim, never mind float, but the idea of releasing my inner mermaid, in my case Lobster Queen, is irresistible. So, I donned my new siren-red sequined mer skirt provided by mermaid Shelly of Shell Tail Labs and did a PR photo shoot with Pamela and her sidekick mermaid Molly at La Costa.

Pam put her heart and soul into this event and I am proud to be affiliated with it. For anyone interested in attending (whether you are in the real or virtual world) please find the event on Facebook or through the link in this post.

Lesson learned: there is nothing in this world that is too silly to do.

Traditionally, this blog is not about shameless promotion, but this is too worthy of a cause to pass up. We all need to let go of reality even if it is only for a weekend in the desert. Stop taking yourself so seriously and jump in, the water will be warm and the mer-skirts will be flashy. All that is missing is YOU!

Mermaid Miriam awaits



2 thoughts on “float with the mermaids…

  1. Shauna Smith says:

    Reblogged this on Bipolar2Happiness and commented:
    I met Pamela and Miriam this month at La Costa. They are awesome women and I think Mermaids in the Desert is a great idea. Join them and you too will get to meet these lovely women, they may just change your life! I personally am honored to call them my friends!


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