a lesson in humility: happy birthday Avery

What is humility to you? Is it an “awe shucks” attitude where you take no credit for any of your accomplishments? To help me decide on a reasonable definition, I turned to the dictionary. Webster’s dictionary’s definition is the quality or state of being humble which did not help me at all. Fortunately it also  lists several synonyms:demureness, down-to-earthness, humbleness, lowliness, meekness, modesty.

Happy 21st Birthday baby!

In yesterday’s building fierce loyalty in 28days post Shelly Kramer reminded me that in order to gain one’s loyalty, you have to earn it by being human, fallible and humble. Even superheros practice some form of humility in that they usually keep a secret identity so they can assimilate into society.

My personal voyage into humility

Today (February 7) is my daughter Avery’s 21st birthday. Avery is an amazing girl woman who has achieved several life changing milestones including: her Bat Mitzvah, High School Graduation, and soon (May 2013) college graduation as well. She never ceases to amaze me with her poise and grace.

In my eyes, there is nothing more humbling than realizing that your children are now adults and that YOU are not immortal. How is she getting older without me also aging in the process? The reality is that she can’t and I subsequently continue to mature a little more every year!

Rather than being egocentric and worrying about my own mortality, I look at Avery and know that I had something to do with why she is so special. I didn’t tell everyone what a great mom I am. There are times when I think my parental skills lack discipline, but as Shelly so eloquently put it to me, the proof is in the pudding.

Maybe this is the same reason I have become a trusted editor to my friends and coworkers. People know that I am not full of crap and will not ever lie by my actions rather than by my resume.

lesson learned: I am enough

Back in my therapy days, I discovered my personal lie was that I am somehow not enough and unworthy (which incidentally I don’t consider being humble). As a result I try extra hard to please those around me. Through personal growth I realized that I am enough as I am and that my amazing children are proof of it.

What single thing has humbled you? How did you react? Share yourself to the world (and this blog) with your thoughts and stories,

6 thoughts on “a lesson in humility: happy birthday Avery

  1. teamrns says:

    Oh Miriam, what a lesson in humility this is just to read your post! Several things gave me cause for pause especially your comments about egocentrism and the realization that I’m not the center of the universe. Then your conclusion came so close to home that yes, “I am enough!”

    Its taken me some time to realize that there are a lot of days in which I don’t, I kinds of forget it. it’s just like one of those “everything I needed to learn about life I learned in kindergarten.”


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Thanks so much for your comment. It is certainly a difficult realization that we are not the center of the universe and that everyone has something special to give to the world.

      Honestly, I got a tear in my eye writing the end of the post (I cry easily).


  2. Pat Iyer says:

    Miriam, I find that life provides me with opportunities to remain humble. Don’t believe in your own PR – I remember being in awe by the accomplishments and intelligence of a leader in my field. Her coworker reminded me that she put her pants on one leg at a time. Occasionally when I do dumb things I realize it the life’s way of reminding me that no one is perfect and functioning at 100% all of the time.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Welcome Pat! Sorry it took me so long to respond (a prime example of poor service). There are subtle reminders everywhere telling us that we are human and fallible. I know what you mean about putting someone you admire up on a pedestal. I sometimes wonder what they think when we place them above others? Thanks for stopping by! Miriam


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