How to SpreeCast on your blog with Screaming Sirens Mimi Lobster Queen and Mother of all Mermaids

Screaming Mimi (film)
Screaming Mimi (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have all read the news that SEO is dead. A more personal affect is established through video and pictures a la newer platforms such as Pinterest and Spreecast. Being a visual learner I absolutely adore this type of media.

Still a newbie

Spreecast is still in Beta and is growing steadily in popularity. My good friend Pamela Morse and I try to spree at least once a week in an attempt to perfect the art. Basically, it is an interactive chat that is later archived for further viewing. People jump in and out of different productions and my favorite part is getting on camera.

My first endeavor was disastrous in that I couldn’t figure out how to do anything but sit there appearing lost. It made little sense how to get someone on camera with me (one of the main points of Spreecast). I still have over 200 views of this train-wreck, which blows my mind completely. Luckily, the creators produce a series of Spreecast 101’s that helped me out immensely. Each time I participate, I acquire a new skill.

Getting all technical by embedding episodes…

One question I had is how to spread the word about these quasi show/chat things I am doing. Duh! Embed them on my blog, tweet about them, post to Facebook, etc. Ok, Now that I have realized how to embed my Spreecasts, I realized it was time to share my (not so) secrets.

So here is my basic list

  1. Pick a topic: mine is usually Screaming Sirens, although I have done impromptu chats with friends for different reasons as well, or no real reason at all.
  2. It is better to script out the first minute rather than to stammer a lot. A veteran Spreecaster and friend told me this trick and it really works.
  3. If no one shows up to interact with you, don’t take it personally. Remember it will be archived for later viewing pleasure. Wrap it up in about 5-10 minutes and move on.
  4. As painful as it may be, revisit and watch what you recorded. You may see some easy opportunities for improvement.
  5. Have fun with it! I am still learning how to do this effectively. I discovered that when doing the Screaming Sirens, I get a better reaction when doing it in costume. What is your shtick?
  6. Once you discover it, be consistent. I will probably never record another Screaming Sirens episode without my lovely blonde locks and lobster crown.

What is keeping you from trying? All you need is a webcam and computer. If I can Spree, so can you! Why not join me sometime on Spreecast on a chat and let’s learn how to liberate ourselves from SEO!


8 thoughts on “How to SpreeCast on your blog with Screaming Sirens Mimi Lobster Queen and Mother of all Mermaids

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Sorry it took me so long to respond! I see this platform as a powerful business tool that has almost unlimited uses.

      I think that if you use it for webinars, you wouldn’t be able to charge for it, but it may be a great way to facilitate an open forum. I am having so much fun on it and learning every day. Thanks for stopping by! Miriam


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