Don’t look for easy, look for possible

I have been a leader most of my adult life. One trait shared with other effective dynamic leaders is that I don’t think I know it all. I  am continually enhancing knowledge and skills with something new.

watch out world!


Sitting in the airport writing this post for the past hour has given me opportunity to reflect on a leadership conference I just attended in Las Vegas. There were so many inspiring stories told during these past three days, that my heart is still overflowing with inspiration.

Key note speaker extraordinaire: Debbie Neal

One speaker in particular Debbie Neal, Executive National Vice President at Arbonne stood out from all the rest for me. During her presentation, I was moved to tears at least twice (OK those of you who know me, understand I cry easily) because I was able to see her dream and understand exactly what is required of me to achieve the possible.

See your vision of success. Be the vision. Believing in your dream is key to success. What does it look like for you? What sacrifices are you willing to make to achieve it? These are questions you should be asking yourself.

One caveat is we tend to over think the process. We spend inordinate amounts of time pondering how to do it, yet take no real action. A powerful message was relayed in that you have the ability to change peoples lives through action.

Direct your team by painting them a picture of your vision. When setting expectations, don’t lower the bar where you think others want to be. Easy is not worth hitting. Expect your best every single day and lead the way towards your goal.

consistently build upon success

Once success is achieved, do you take a break? Alternatively, t is imperative you don’t rest on triumph, but continue building. Excellence is more of a habit than a skill and takes daily practice.

You do your team no favors by holding back. Be relentless and consistently raise the bar higher. It is better to fear losing an extraordinary team because you don’t stretch them enough than to give them less than they deserve. Your goal should be to build and develop them to their fullest potential.

a powerful take-home message

Debbie is such a spirited leader, that I had to take notice. She defies the ordinary in everything she does. The biggest take-home message I received was that her path was never easy, and certainly not probable for most leaders. However, Debbie’s vision is conceivable.

It is time to take a stand, even if you are the only one in the room standing. Stop looking for the easy road, and begin searching for the possible.


5 thoughts on “Don’t look for easy, look for possible

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Welcome Sumiko! This speaker inspired me beyond words. I will be as successful as her because I believe it. How are things for you after school? I hope all is well for you. Thanks for stopping by. Miriam


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      That was me in the lobby of the MGM Grand in Vegas. I usually use my pic (part of that whole branding thing). I left the convention completely on fire with enthusiasm. Thanks for stopping by. Miriam


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