Call Me Crazy!

Do you ever find yourself doing something most would consider crazy? What acts would you consider nuts and be afraid to partake in?  This morning I read Ash Ambirge’s latest post (rant really) which got me assessing my personal mixed up world.

Crazy is as Crazy does

When I opened a bridal store the same day I gave birth to my daughter, people probably thought I was crazy. When I continued building business even after I lost my financial backing, others thought I lost it too.

Funny enough, when I closed the store 15 years later, I was told that I would be crazy to go back to school and finish a degree. Even crazier was when I decided to carry on to graduate school.

“Still crazy after all these years”

This may be dating me but when I think of this song, a picture of Paul Simon in a turkey costume comes to mind. He looked completely ridiculous, but the vision was forged into my memory (impact accomplished) and I still giggle when imagining the scene.

Back to the post! Reviewing my life feels like one insane stunt after another. My teenage son (as well as other relatives) consider me looney for dressing as a mermaid in front of anyone who wants to watch on Spreecast. Sam sees me as having a mid-life crisis. Maybe it is, but so what?

Mimi is not going back in the shadows

I may be completely bonkers, but I enjoy being a mermaid and I am not afraid of what you may think. Life is more fun when you let go and embrace your innermost desires. Without a few of us crazies leading the way, nothing would ever evolve. Life would get pretty boring too.

If I paid attention to any of these individuals who found me foolish, where would I be? Better yet, who would I be, if not a wilting wall-flower too afraid to find sunshine? I would rather be an MBA mermaid basking in life’s glow.

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