Miriam and the mascara migration: saying goodbye

different degrees of mascara migration

How do you feel about saying goodbye? There is always part of me that believes there is unfinished business to attend before final closure. Maybe its because I want to please those around me who matter most, Maybe its completely selfish, I have yet to figure out why it is so difficult to move on.

a huge jump for me

I am about to take a giant leap in my career by changing companies, position, towns, etc. I was very comfortable and enjoyed my previous job, but when the opportunity came, I knew it was right to accept it.

Change is scary, but we should still embrace it. If we leave things as they are without ever stirring the pot, life becomes stagnant and stale. Personal and professional growth happen when you take risks others are afraid of.

 now I’ll tell you about the mascara migration

You are probably wondering what up with the crazy picture of my eye (yes it is the same eye, same day, different time intervals). My final day working at my previous job was Sunday.

As per usual I said all my morning hello’s to my Twitter friends (you know who you are), Anyone who knows me, understands that I wear my emotions for everyone to see and cry easily. I mentioned that it was to be a mascara-free day for me due to expected excessive tears.

One of my friends presented me with a friendly dare to wear mascara anyway for dramatic effect. He even double dog dared me, which I could hardly refuse. I had a few extra minutes so I not only applied 2 coats of mascara, but eyeliner as well. As I said previously, I either go big or not at all.

taking it further still

It wasn’t sufficient that I sported a fully made up eye. I decided to document the progression of my look as the day wore on through photographs taken on my phone. Starting with a smudge-free appearance, after each tearful encounter, I faithfully snapped a new version of the same picture; each a bit more messy than the one before.

By the end of the day, I had mascara and eyeliner tracking in deep circles around the entire orbital cavity. It was quite a sight to behold. Rather than run into the restroom to wash it off, I wore it like a badge of honor.

Not only was I comfortable with the new disheveled look, but I was not afraid to let the world know I had shown emotion and cried. I truly care for the people I was leaving and after sharing so much of my life with them, it was hard to say goodbye.

lesson learned; even good leaders cry sometimes

I don’t believe that my outward emotions portrayed me as a weaker leader. No one questioned my ability to positively affect the business. Did it portray fearlessness? Doubtful. If anything, the tear stained migrated mascara humanized me.

Crying does not suit everyone. However, everyone should have their own way to show they are authentically human (no bots here). Which method do you use to convey emotions? If you have none, what are you afraid of by suppressing emotions? Don’t be a hero, let yourself shine through.

mid-day mascara migration







8 thoughts on “Miriam and the mascara migration: saying goodbye

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Welcome! I am glad that there are others who cry easily too. I have learned to embrace it because the action of crying happens regardless, so it is more about the reaction instead. I agree that it is easier to laugh it off later when I get the sadness over with more quickly. Here is to the future! Thanks for stopping by Miriam


  1. CinziaRolling says:


    Thank you for sharing such an emotional day in such a heartfelt fashion. I agree that change can be difficult but it is often needed in order for growth.

    All the best on your new endeavor!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Welcome Cinzia! I was glad you were there for support on this fateful last day. I really care about these people and was sad to say goodbye. It was fun sharing the pictures with all of you throughout the day. Thanks for stopping by! Miriam


  2. MarlaGottschalk says:

    Love this post Miriam.
    I must admit – I am a “crier” – call me a big baby! On that topic, I was struck when I heard this:
    “Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, but I sign of strength.” Yep –

    Good luck in your new role – wish you lived close by, so we could share a cocktail to celebrate!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      It is amazing how many of us there are. I wonder why more don’t come out as crying advocates?

      Marla, I would so love to go have a drink with you sometime. I’ve never been to Michigan before. Perhaps someday…


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