10 aids in search of inspiration

How do I find inspiration? I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day about the benefits of blogging more often than once per week. An obvious reward is readership usually goes up when I post more consistently.

Head in the Clouds

Writing arouses a creative energy in me that is like eating a bar of chocolate. except without the calories. Sometimes ideas flow to me from different directions. A song on the radio, an event I attend, someone’s post or a conversation.

Why the heck can’t I think of anything!

Maybe it’s because of the stifling summer heat, or the fact that I come home from work to find my lazy teenage son lounging on the couch in his jammies playing video games? I’m happy, distracted and daydreaming of late and Whatever else is going on, my motivation is waning.

I put out a desperate tweet to my friends Denise Barlow, Sherree Worrell and Sandy Hubbard for insight. They suggested I write about summer picnics. My son wanted me to blog about why people choose to watch ridiculously long film director cut movies, neither of which excited me.

finding direction for the distracted

Drumroll please…..if everything suggested to me puts me in a writing coma, I must pull my head out of the clouds, and devise a method to reach my mojo. So, in true blogging form, I created a list of things that can help.

  1. If I am going to continue in la-la land, carry a notebook to remember feelings I get while daydreaming
  2. Go for a walk, ride my bike, or just get up and move around the house
  3. Put down the laundry. It will be there when I am done writing
  4. Put on my mermaid tail
  5. Take random videos and pictures on my iPhone that I can later send to friends for a laugh
  6. Get a pedicure (any excuse I can find for a pedi is good)
  7. Drink a glass of wine with a friend at a wine-bar while watching and making fun of the winos
  8. Visit a farmer’s market and buy some fresh produce
  9. Finish unpacking boxes from when I moved into my house this past November
  10. Just shut up, suck it up and stop making excuses as to why I can’t find inspiration. It’s everywhere!

Where do you find inspiration? Is it in the everyday mundane things you do? Do you have a special routine or formula that works every time? Share your ideas, thoughts and stories. I can use all the help I can get.

I just love pretty toes

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