summer solstice gigglefest

Cate and I having fun

I love laughing. Mind you I am not talking about a muffled halfhearted guffaw, but a deep tummy tingling giggle. One that echoes down an empty hall and leaves me snorting for air is my absolute favorite.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my good friend Cate Vail. Whenever we are together, we end up in side-splitting laughter in no time. We began in the pool at my gym and wound down at our favorite meeting spot, Starbucks where we danced like idiots and recorded it onto video for prosperity.

Yes, I know how ridiculous I look in the video

The real question is am I bothered that I look ridiculous? What could possibly possess me to not only video this strange occurrence, but to embed it in my blog? What in the world is a Jellyfish skirt anyway?

For starters, a Jellyfish skirt will not sting you if you get too close. In water, it is really lovely to see the strands dance as I float. It is a good alternative to wearing one of my mermaid tails. It also works well as a bathing suit cover up.

Next, the answer to why I video crazy dances at all. I love documenting happy moments from my day. When I am feeling low or sluggish, I simply find the vid on my phone or laptop and start giggling. Immediately I feel as though 5-10 years melt away.

Life is a celebration, so get dancing!

Now it is my turn to question you. When is the last time you completely cut loose and had your own gigglefest? Do you ever break out and randomly start singing or dancing? Life is too short to worry about what others may be thinking. If it brings you joy and doesn’t hurt anyone in the process DO IT!

Share your best gigglefest memories with me. If you like, please include a link to pics or vids as well. Its time to celebrate!

Cate’s crazy dance 😀

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