the shopping experience continues…

Since publishing my first installment of the great shopping experience, I spoke to my friend and fashion guinea pig Sherree Worrel. Originally, I chose not to use her name mostly because the story is purely told from my side. However, Sherree, assured me that anyone who knows her understands how much she hates shopping.

in search of the perfect shade of coral

now back to that perfect shade of coral lipstick

I saw no harm in starting the shopping experience with an easy win; a tube of lipstick. If I am searching for the perfect hue of any lip-color, MAC is where I expect to find it. They have more tones of corals, reds, pinks, nudes, as well all sorts of weird fashion runway colors.

As a customer experience freak, I always enjoy shopping trips to MAC as they employ amazingly talented and friendly makeup artists. Yep, this should be easy. Sherree identified exactly(?) what she was looking for and the makeup artists know their inventory.

After settling on at least 10 colors to start with, Sherree sat in the chair of doom and reluctantly began applying them. One by one, the colors proved to be either too pink, too bright, not bright enough, or a mix of all of these. Each time she tried on another variation, she wiped off the previous tint with a moistened towelette, which eventually made her lips swell from irritation.

The makeup artist returned to the drawing board a few times in search of the ideal shade. By now, the more she applied to her now stinging lips, the more confused Sherree became.

enough was enough

When did the selection become so completely overwhelming? Is selection a benefit or should we all be forced into the same shade of red or coral for ease of choice. At this point, Sherree’s lips were completely raw and everything started appearing the same. The joy in discovering an appropriate shade disappeared.

Exiting the MAC store empty handed was somewhat defeating in that if I couldn’t help her find a good lipstick, how would I fare in selecting a new wardrobe? Maybe I had overestimated my shopping talent, or at least my level of patience.

I quickly dismissed these and any other negative thoughts and regained focus on the task at hand. OK, so we wasted an hour in one shop looking for one tube of lipstick. We still had the rest of the day!

Armed with renewed confidence, we decided to leave the makeup alone for the day, and get back to why we were really there; a new smashing wardrobe! Our next stop was Nordstrom’s. Their semi-annual sale was in full swing and Sherree was in need of clothes and a cute pair of shoes. To be continued…

Lipstick (product)
Lipstick (product) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8 thoughts on “the shopping experience continues…

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      I think at that point it wouldn’t have mattered what kind of lipstick she was trying because after 10+ colors, her lips were completely raw from blotting, etc. Thanks for commenting Emme!


  1. MarlaGottschalk says:

    I remember when purchasing a lipstick meant dropping into the drugstore and selecting a color from the Revlon display. As we all know, sometimes too much choice is a bad thing….Thanks for posting Miriam. I always look forward to reading your blog – I am never, ever disappointed!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Marla, you can still drop by the drugstore and buy lipstick in the package if you choose, but if you don’t like the color upon opening the package, you are out of luck. The fun is in the journey there (at least it was until she reached the 3rd or 4th lipstick). Thanks for your kind words and for your thoughtful comment. Miriam


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