aspirations or acts of futility?

what do you dream of?

Is bliss real? What makes us aspire to be more than we are? Are we ever truly satisfied with what we have? Should we simply exist with the status quo, or is it OK to want more out of life?

Mind you, I believe complacency or contentment is not the same as fulfillment. Floating through life (or a situation) because it is easy or comfortable should not always be the end goal.

I know people who on the surface appear reasonably happy. They have no real complaints about what life has given them, yet they are stagnant. Craving air and room to breathe they are in search of something more. Is this the act of desire or futility?

what we seek

Letting my analytical side take over for a moment (stop laughing! It could happen.) I created a list of what so many of us are lacking. Interestingly enough, this list has more to do with intangible emotions rather than items you can touch or store away somewhere.

  1. knowledge. I am a prime example of not being satisfied with my level of education. Instead of spending the rest of my life feeling bitter, I chose to recreate my reality by completing two degrees.
  2. career. Do you feel as though you are destined for greatness yet do not love what you are doing? If a career change is not possible (or probable) maybe what you need to change is yourself. Be the best at your job. It does not matter if you are a street sweeper or the engineer who built the road. It all vital in the end.
  3. love. In the words of Tina Turner, “Whats love got to do with it?” Granted, love can hurt you. It is easier to cocoon yourself in mediocrity in order to avoid the eventual ache love causes. As a genuinely emotional person, I choose love’s suffering over numbness.

let’s be honest here

What is really stopping you from achieving your dreams? If we aspire for more, why wouldn’t we reach for it? My guess is FEAR. Whether it is fear of the unknown, rejection, abandonment (my favorite fear), looking foolish, others opinions, success, failure, or fear of what you may be capable of, they are all just a bunch of bullshit excuses.

The only act of futility is the one you fail to explore. What is the worst possible thing that could happen? It cannot be more miserable than inaction. Personal growth occurs when we take chances. When will you make it happen?




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