Doing everything and loving it!

Channeling Audrey Hepburn

Do you ever feel like dressing up like a princess and wearing a crown? How about a mermaid tail? OK, too weird for you huh?  Realizing not all of you own a tiara (I have a few) or a tail (yeah I have a few of these too) maybe it is daring enough wearing an article of clothing that isn’t black or loose fitting?

There is not much I won’t do on a dare, especially when costuming is involved; ie. zebra princess, etc. Today I felt instantly challenged when I read Ash Ambirge’s latest post from the Middle Finger Project, Do Everything, Apologize for Nothing.

a call to action!

Wear every strand of pearls you own.Put on your brightest red lipstick.Have more fun than everybody else.And make no apologies for any of it.

Ash Ambirge

I am not sure Ash intended her pic to be a call to action. Lately I have been suffering from an identity crisis of sorts. Living up to everyone’s standards, I somehow lost sight of what makes me remarkable. Sure, I am a mom, wife, and leader. But is that all there is to me? As I tried to bury the lobster queen mermaid zebra princess inside me, I despaired and wanted to rebel against the norm.

celebrate the ridiculous

Not everything has to be over the top craziness for me to celebrate. A theme I continue revisiting is accepting who I am and reveling in it. I often tell friends that if you walk into a room knowing you are the sexiest woman there, it is true. As Ash mentioned, make no apologies for anything.

There is nothing wrong with being a vamp. I believe the world could use more of us to brighten things up. If you want to wear every pearl you own and the brightest red lipstick you have, GO FOR IT! No one else is going to live your life for you. May as well have as much fun as you can along the way.

My challenge to you!!

Put on something extravagant whether it is pearls, tiara, rhinestones, feathers, or whatever else you can think of. Wear your brightest shade of lipstick (preferably but not necessarily red) and snap a pic. Send me your best shot and with your permission, I will post it and create a Do Everything recap.

Most importantly, make no apologies for any imperfections you may have. That is what adds to your unique beauty.

Pearl Girl

6 thoughts on “Doing everything and loving it!

  1. Suzin says:

    Great post Miriam. Throwing on my beloved Halloween tiara and mermaid tail always gets me back to my roots. Don’t have time to snap that pic today (packing for quick vacay) but I long to send you an outragous faux vamp outfit I once wore on a dare — I long to send it to you for your eyes only; it’s not one I readily share. I got many a sideways glance at first, people whispering, but soon everyone got in on the joke — lots of laughs.

    Embracing our inner diva, princess or even bitch-goddess for a few moments a day reminds us to accept ourselves unconditionally and love ourselves while we’re at it.

    Thanks for sharing Miriam. Let’s vamp!



    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Welcome Suz! You can share your pic with me and it can be a private giggle for us both.

      Have fun on your vacay and make sure to let out your vamp princess diva at least once a day!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Miriam


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