the human coat rack

Why does it seem that females are unable to do anything alone? It is typical to see women visit a public restroom in pairs. OK, I do this too because it gives me some much needed girl time gossip. I rarely see girls dining at a restaurant solo. Maybe they are afraid of what people will think if they don’t have a partner for everything.

Dress shopping at BR

a human coat rack/hanger

I used to go clubbing with one of my girlfriends and her husband (now ex) on a semi-regular basis. I considered him more of a coat rack than anything else. He would sit at a table and watch our jackets and purses while we boogied on the dance floor. It never made much sense to me, but I was grateful not to have to check my coat at the door.

Worse yet is a broad who drags her poor boyfriend or husband shopping so he can hold her purse. Seriously!! In years of retail I still giggle when I see a couple come in. It is so easy to spot the miserable bored looking guy who searches for somewhere to sit while he holds hangers and a handbag.

it’s a control thing

I am of the opinion this behavior is a method of exhibiting control. Like a dog who pees strategically so as to mark his territory, a woman marks her man by by throwing a purse on his shoulder and parading him on a leash. Why else would she bring her mate shopping with her in the first place?

Don’t kid yourself into thinking you bring him along for an honest opinion. If your man is smart he will say everything looks good. Otherwise he leaves himself open for second guesses and judgment. Whether the outfit makes you resemble an elephant or an anorexic old scarecrow, he can’t win.

trust in yourself and shop alone

Generally, I prefer shopping alone. I know you are shocked because I love talking to people. You may question how I manage my social tendencies when I am by myself. Solitary shopping helps me remain focused on the task at hand. I still speak with most other people I encounter and If I want an honest opinion about what to wear, I either ask the sales associate or message a friend with a picture from my phone.

At one time I was also a serial pairs shopper, but mostly with girlfriends. I can’t stand the ridiculous angry stare I get from my husband, who thinks he is there for his credit card (how true it is though). He never wants to spend time perusing racks of clothes while I consider trying things on.

Shopping with a friend is more relaxing (e.g. retail therapy) and can also be a sport or an art form depending on circumstances. There were times when I power shopped the day after Christmas with a girlfriend from when the mall opened at 7 am til it closed later that evening. This shopping extravaganza included lunch, coffee, and a few water breaks throughout the day. Now that was a good time!

lesson learned; there is a time to leave the men at home

I understand if you still feel the need to whip your guy into shape and keep him by your side at all times. If he is a sheep, he will follow you if you nip at his heels. However, you must understand that alone time is not only healthy for both of you, but it can be necessary as well.

My question to you is, do you really need someone there to hold your purse? That’s why the shoulder bag was invented. If you need someone to pay for all of the shopping damage you expect to do, grab his credit card on the way out the door. It is so much more honest and upfront.







5 thoughts on “the human coat rack

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Today I had lunch with the friend who shot the pic of me in the post while I was shopping. She is one of the few people I like to shop with. I trust her judgment and love her company. It all makes for a happier excursion.


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