living the Vegas dream part 2

mermaids Vegas style

Quick recap: Recently, I journeyed to Las Vegas with good friend and fellow mermaid Cate Vail. The holiday  included VIP tickets to Donny and Marie with a meet and greet (and photo op), and a fantasy mermaid photo shoot. After our initial night of debauchery, we drifted soundly to sleep in our plush hotel room. Meeting Donny and Marie was the main course, but dessert would be the photo shoot.

a rude awakening

Sweet dreams were abruptly interrupted with a wail at six o’clock in the morning. Someone tripped the fire alarm which unceremoniously sounded off for about 10 minutes. Intermittently the alarm blasted and then an obnoxious voice would announce that they were investigating the alarm and to please remain calm. Here is a short vid I took during the event.

Nothing could ruin our day (especially so early on), so we decided to make the best of a bad situation. Eventually, the alarm would be shut off and we could go about our day. There was absolutely no way either of us could return to dreamland after the alarm was finally quieted. Instead we opted for breakfast before heading for the bird habitat where the shoot would take place.

mermaids ahoy!

Cate and I were met by mermaid and clothing/jewelry designer Vanessa Irino and her friend Eve for the mermaid shoot. The romantic surrounding was perfect for our purposes. We scouted a rock formation (fake I’m sure as it is still Vegas).

living the dream

I was a glamorous vamp in a shiny new tail. Onlookers kept a respectable distance while Cate worked but it is not often they see 3 mermaids in the midst. Each time I participate in one of Cate’s shoots, the pictures are always amazing. Mimi the Lobster Queen loves the thrill of the camera and is never shy in front of others.

Once the photo shoot wrapped up, we headed to the pool for a dip. This was the first time I tried swimming as a mermaid. It felt exhilarating to shimmy through the water like a fish. Everyone wanted to take pictures with us to prove they saw mermaids. We happily obliged anyone who wished to commemorate the occasion with a photo op.

why live in a fantasy dream-world?

In reality, I am aware that I am a 45 year old mother of two who was not born a mermaid. There will always be someone younger, thinner, prettier, smarter, etc. Thank goodness that doesn’t stop me from fulfilling the fantasy of becoming Mimi the Lobster Queen.

I want to swim with the mermaids, dance with unicorns, and party til I’m purple. What do you want to do with your life? Are you satisfied living an unremarkable existence? If not, join me in the water or on land to celebrate the possible.

Take it from me, it is never too late to put on a tail and take to the water. It is never too late to sing loudly to the radio with your car window rolled down. It is never to ate to wear balloon animal hats through the Las Vegas airport, and onto a plane destined to bring you home (yup, did that too). Don’t make it too late to laugh at yourself and do something others would consider ridiculous. What do you have to lose?

Me and Cate dining in style at Margaritaville



2 thoughts on “living the Vegas dream part 2

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      There really is no purpose except to celebrate life and good friends. I am not a model but Cate makes me feel like a superstar when she does a shoot. Maybe it is for attention, but I really don’t care if anyone watches.


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