PB&J me

What is a PB&J to you? Does it bring fond memories of childhood cutting off the crusts from your Wonder bread? Adding a nice touch, mom usually sliced the sandwich diagonally before tucking it in a plastic baggie and placing it in a pink Barbie lunchbox. Who here remembers the peanut butter song?

it tastes weird

Are food habits cultural, social or just plain mental? We all have preferences based on texture, color, smell and taste. My son does a smashing job avoiding anything green or not deep-fried. If it is fresh, healthy or dare I say organic (there! I said it) I am practically guaranteed to find it later in the trash.

Growing up, I believed that mashed potatoes only came in a box. Same with macaroni and cheese (I still prefer Kraft mac n cheese). It wasn’t until adulthood that I realized that by boiling and smushing potatoes mixed with cream, butter, salt and pepper I could create a far better version of the dish.

only the good stuff

As a child, I had a won’t eat list that consisted of:

  1. fish – except canned tuna and fish sticks
  2. mushrooms – tasted weird and had a horrible slimy texture
  3. avocados – green and mushy. no way Jose!
  4. Ketchup – sweet red looked like blood. Still don’t like it



As an adult, I have advanced the art of the PB&J to a new level. Gone are the bland squishy pieces of white bread. They have been replaced by sprouted wheat flour-less bread. Unlike me (raised on Skippy) Avery and Sam grew up eating natural peanut butter that must be kept refrigerated. As a delectable dessert, I spread Nutella (pronounced noo-tell-uh) in place of jam, which creates a peanut butter cup sandwich.

do you PB&J?

Considering how much I dislike cooking, these so-called comfort foods are still a staple in my house. Now I keep Costco sized jars in the fridge so we don’t ever run out of the stuff. What childhood foods do you still keep at home. Do you have them solely for your children, or are they a not so secret pleasure for you to enjoy. Please share your thoughts, stories, and any (easy) recipes you enjoy.


5 thoughts on “PB&J me

  1. Jennifer says:

    Food has so many memories and connotations in our lives. The food of our childhoods – whether PB&J, tomato soup and grilled cheese, or any of Mom’s or Grandma’s specialties – will always have a hold on our hearts. Great post.


  2. eof737 says:

    Great vlog! I grew up with a finicky nutritionist of a mother so junk food, comfort snacks and even desserts were a no, no. I hated it then but realize the gift now… Mom was ahead of her time. 😉


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