is everyone fake?

OK, so I’m a fake blonde here.

How fake can we be? Society is obsessed with youth, beauty, wealth and perfection. If we don’t fit into this perfect mold, we are on the fringe. Millions of dollars are dished out every year on beauty rituals (guilty, although my part hardly consists of millions), gym memberships (got one of those too) and medications which promise to make us acceptable to the masses.

No matter the consequences, I just can’t be phony. I have no issues with maintaining my exterior facade, but the insides are not artificial. Sometimes, it would behoove me to act as though I am thrilled with how things stand. My guileless personality waves her red flag until I want to claw out of a situation at any cost.

rumor has it…

In the not too recent past I met someone who I thought was a friend. As usual, I was way too quick to trust her and before I knew it, she was talking smack about me to other friends. Really??? It felt like I morphed back to junior high as she habitually tried to throw me under the bus.

What purpose could it possibly serve to spread rumors? At first, I pondered what my reaction should be. Eventually I decided that by reacting to her antics, I was only fueling her fire. The most affective reaction was to fake it right back and act as though nothing was wrong.

fake it til you make it

When dealing with conflict, I believe it is best to act like the person I wish to become. It would have been easy (and just) to retaliate by spreading my own speculations. She certainly deserved my wrath. Instead, I gave her indifference, which is more powerful in the long run.

I don’t want to be the town gossip, so I don’t act like one. Her words hurt me, but I don’t want to be the victim. So again, I don’t act like a victim. I want to be liked, but don’t want to be a suck-up. Do you see the pattern here? If not I can bring out the big crayons (never said I wasn’t snarky).

being fake has its downsides (?)

The older and wiser I become, the more I doubt peoples’ authenticity. Remember back in high school, the girl with the plastic fake smile, and the seemingly perfect life. Always invited to the coolest parties, she had the hottest boyfriend, cutest clothes and a perfect GPA.

In reality, her life probably wasn’t any better (or perhaps even worse) than yours. Being a teenager can really suck no matter how perfect you appear. It’s how you react to life’s quirks that matter most. Did she become the cool kid by chance or through sheer will?

How do you best deal with the inauthentic? Do you run and hide, hoping it will disappear from its own volition? Do you attempt to best it by becoming even more fake? Tell me your thoughts and stories.


5 thoughts on “is everyone fake?

  1. Linda Kinsman says:

    What a refreshing post! I am one of those “real” people who seems to be surrounded by fake, drama queens. I just can not join in on all the gossip, one sided dribble.
    I do my best to be a kind, light hearted, authentic person, which of course means nothing to those that spend their days gossiping and one upping each other with their Facebook status updates and photos!
    When I feel I must “play” to help peace reign supreme, I simply kill them with kindness and dare them to ignore me, Ms. Manners style!


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