8 excuses why I can’t sleep

so sleepy…

How well do you sleep? Do you pass out the moment your head hits the pillow, heading off to dreamland, or is tossing and turning more your style? Falling asleep is not typically an obstacle for me, its staying asleep that is a challenge.

According to Helpguide.org, adults require anywhere between 7.5-9hours per day. Wow! I can’t remember the last time I slept 9 hours. A typical night for me consists of 4-6 hours of zzzzz’s  per night. With such a low sleep average, I wonder how I stay upright throughout the day?

what keeps me awake?

There must be a reason (or two) why I can’t achieve at least forty winks. Maybe by counting them, I will naturally doze off…

  1. stress: DUH! Like most others, stress is an everyday occurrence for me.
  2. lack of exercise: generally, I am happiest and peacefully slumber when more active. Reasons for not working out: see #1
  3. not enough time: I wish there were more hours in the day to get everything done. Mind you, I probably wouldn’t accomplish anything additional. But it sounds like a good excuse to me.
  4. room temperature: Too hot, too cold; there is just no pleasing me(?) when it comes to room temperature. I like to sleep covered in blankets with the ceiling fan on and windows open. Enough said.
  5. sleep apnea: I participated in a sleep study a few years ago because I was becoming completely ragged from lack of sleep. Luckily my apnea is mild enough that I didn’t need a CPAP (whew). Instead I opted for a lovely appliance to wear at night. No more snoring, etc. etc.
  6. light sleeper: I awaken easily from outside noise.  A new neighbor moved in next door with a dog who is left out all night long. He barks and barks until he finally nods off in the morning right after I have gone to work. Urgh!!!
  7. too many competing thoughts: Maybe I’m completely bonkers, but when horizontal, I tend to re-hash the day’s happenings. This is a time when I should be able to get out of my head, and put errant thoughts away. In the quiet stillness of night, my mind goes into overdrive.
  8. potty breaks: Ever since childbirth, I have woken up in order to go to the bathroom. If I don’t get up immediately, I begin wondering if I can fall back to sleep or if my bladder will start pressing down keeping me awake. Through the years, I learned to just get up automatically, hoping to return to a pending dream as soon as I lay down once more.

is that all?

Surely I could come up with several more excuses given time as to why I don’t sleep enough, but to tell the truth, I am fully exhausted after writing this post. Here is hoping to a restful night. Share any tips, hints or stories about your struggle with sleep.

5 thoughts on “8 excuses why I can’t sleep

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Marla, I agree that sleep it the root of many problems including those at work. The last two nights I gave in and took 1/2 an Ambien so that I could try to catch up. My husband recommended white noise. At this point I will try almost anything. M


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