meet my inner monologue

heading for my stream of consciousness

Do you ever find yourself having serious discussions within the confines of your own head? Do you actively or passively participate in these discussions. We all have an internal little voice that some say guide us, some say torment, while others completely ignore it.

Also known as a stream of consciousness, images of Virginia Woolf come to mind. Long rambling monologues that are never linear, these streams meander into different disconnected ideas. Narrative Wiki defines Stream of Consciousness as:

Primarily associated with the modernist movement, stream of consciousness is a form of interior monologue which claims as its goal the representation of a lead consciousness in a narrative (typically fiction). This representation of consciousness can include perceptions or impressions, thoughts incited by outside sensory stimuli, and fragments of random, disconnected thoughts. Stream of consciousness writing often lacks “correct” punctuation or syntax, favoring a looser, more incomplete style.

Narrative Wiki

jump into the stream

The rationale on the subject of my own inner monologue is the longer this blog continues, the more my mind seems to wander into different topics of conversation. I began blogging for an MBA class on personal branding taught by Dr Bret Simmons. The idea was to find a remarkable attribute and brand it in writing.

At first, customer experience and leadership were my topics of choice. My personal twist came in the form of story telling. Personally speaking is how I choose to generally communicate. I enjoy sharing a piece of me in everything I touch.

The more I spoke candidly (which is all the time) the more I realized I didn’t want to simply regurgitate different customer experience models. Not that there is anything wrong with a traditional business blog, but with my stream of consciousness at the helm, I never know where it will take me.

do I even have an inner monologue?

I constantly joke that I have a complete lack of inner monologue in that I say what I feel. It is not that I have no tact, but I am not regulated by fear when it comes to speech. Some appropriately call it an inner filter. At this point, I am not sure they are one and the same.

Are there any rules saying I can’t create topics that meander like my stream of consciousness? Haven’t you ever started a conversation about something only to change topics three or four times before ending the dialogue? Well, that is what goes on inside my head (no I am not schizophrenic) and eventually comes out here in posts.

where is the stream leading me?

Would it be wiser to continue blogging about leadership and customer service or should I yield to my inner monologue who will not be quiet? Water is one of the strongest elements in that it carves canyons out of mountains. I  could only fight the current for so long before giving in and floating merrily inside the stream.

Generally, I am much happier when I let the stream guide me and trust I will prevail in the end. Life’s adventures might be a big yawn if I always did and then wrote about the expected and the usual.

The biggest take-home lesson I have learned form blogging is that I am much larger than the sum of my parts. What makes me remarkable is my unabashed authenticity. I am fearless when it comes to the extraordinary or ridiculous. Mermaids, MBA, Motherhood, Friendship, New Experiences, Memories, Morals, the list is endless.

Are you a master oarsman who controls the direction of your inner monologue? How and why do you suppress it?

2 thoughts on “meet my inner monologue

  1. eof737 says:

    You have kept the faith with your focus on the topics that matter to you and that is why I admire you Miriam… You’re my kind of blogger; staying true to self. 😉


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