what should I wear?

searching in the closet of doom

Let’s be honest here; how many times do you change clothes before finally walking out the door? Once or twice (that’s me) or more? On a good day, I will pull an outfit out of the closet, put it on and leave the house. Unfortunately, for the most part, I change tops, bottoms, jewelry and/or shoes at least once before commencing the day.

am I really that indecisive?

Does anyone even notice what I am wearing, or is it all in my head? What difference does it make if I wear pants or a dress? If no one is looking at what I am wearing and I am not attempting to snag a man, I should cut daily outfit rituals in half.

Each day I jump out of bed, shower then stand there in my undies looking in the closet. After about five minutes, I pull a pair of pants and a top that go together. Top #1 pulls (a hazard of having a full bust), so it goes away and another is chosen, etc. I tend to choose an ensemble based on day of the week.

which day is it again?

Monday and Tuesday are office days so I wear heels. I know what you are thinking, why would a klutz like me bother with high heels? Working as a retail manager  stilettos and wedges tend to to sit in the closet unworn. Comfort is king when it comes to walking the sales floor over and over.

Because I feel forced on some level to wear low comfy shoes, I relish any opportunity to spice it up with heels and a cute dress. The difficulty is that once I make the decision to forgo flats, I cannot walk the floor more than a couple of times before wanting to throw my shoes down the hall.

The remainder of the week I become increasingly more casual until the weekend when I live in sneakers and jeans. It is not the professional image I wish to portray, but if I work Saturday and Sunday, I know I will be running the entire day.

throwing a curveball

Getting dressed for work is an ordeal in itself. Imagine the drama when I have a function to attend… Oy veh! If an invitation does not include a dress code, I become lost. Is it better to over or under dress for the occasion? What is a girl to do?

I recently attended a Bar Mitzvahthat came with the instructions “dress to impress.” What the heck does that mean? I asked several friends what they would be wearing and for the most part, they were hopeless as I was. The hostess (you know who you are Kelli) was of no help at all.

Hanging with the girls in my LBD

Reaching into the closet of doom, I somehow managed to only try on one garment. I studied several items in the closet, but in the end decided that it is always safe to wear a LBD. Luckily I have several (years of retail do have their benefits) and had an idea which one I wanted to wear.

With the dress out of the way, I only changed shoes twice from sling-back Chanel pumps to strappy sandals and back again. The neckline does not call for a necklace, so earrings and a cocktail ring were the accessories of choice for the evening.

Maybe I should just learn to trust my intuition. I enjoy dressing others, why should it be difficult to clothe myself? Chances are that I will awaken tomorrow and start the ritual all over again regardless what I tell myself. Whether or not anyone notices, I want to look good for my own sake.

What crazy morning rituals do you go through on a regular basis? Do you find it easy to choose your wardrobe? If so, how do you do it? Please share your thoughts and stories.



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