loving the falsies

Just for the record, for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I am totally girly. I love, shopping, lip gloss, sparkles, nail polish, mermaids, Hello Kitty and getting together with girlfriends for fun adventures. I enjoy doing things that make me feel pretty. This is the tale of my latest adventure…

over the hill I go

a great set of falsies

Last week my friend Sherree Worrell (who shall now be known as Shez) commented that she wanted the lashes I was wearing in an instagram pic taken of me after a makeover. As Shez lives fairly close, I saw this as a perfect opportunity for a shopping day trip.

We planned an eyelash extravaganza at the Roseville Galleria where we would do some window shopping and lunch. Of course we would each get a pair of falsies on to parade around the mall in. Yep, adventure and some quality girl-time.

So, late as usual, I peeled out of the garage and headed over the Sierra Nevada‘s towards Sacramento. I was proud that I only got lost once while on the road. I arrived at the galleria around noon, ready to eat, get pretty and enjoy good times.

amazing transformation

Our first stop for the extravaganza was at the MAC store where we both had false

Shez at the MAC store getting pretty

eyelashes attached to our lids. I have worn them a few times before but Shez was a falsie virgin. The make up artist was amazing. She found the perfect length lash for both of us and within minutes, we appeared dazzling and awake.

Wow! What a difference a pair of lashes can make. Neither of us had mascara or a lot of makeup on, but we both looked and felt glamorous with the addition of falsies. Shez’s looked completely natural and for the first time, I noticed how blue her eyes really are.

The rest of the day was equally amazing. We shopped in stores we knew we couldn’t afford, yet did not feel the least bit out of place. We walked, talked, (I had gelato too) and batted our lashes at passers by. Overall a fabulous day.

there is a point to all of this

If something as simple as a pair of falsies can take you instantly from ordinary to extraordinary, then what is stopping you? I believe it should be part of a girlfriend’s code of ethics to raise each other up to the next level of greatness. In the end, we all benefit from a little TLC.

only the best for us

What is that something extra you do to feel remarkable? Do you share that feeling with your girlfriends or keep it all to yourself? Share your thoughts and stories.

6 thoughts on “loving the falsies

    1. miriamgomberg says:

      That is one reason I do so poorly with mascara. I rub my eyes and smear it everywhere. I did have a falsie mishap the other day when I wore them to work, and got some glue in my eye. Rather than being glamorous, my eyes were teary and red. I guess I should leave this to professionals.


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