a good cry

raw emotion

I am a crier. When is the last time you really let loose and shed tears? Is it a sign of weakness or humanity that I am able to turn on the water works so easily? Sometimes, I am not sure if it is a gift or a curse to be so in touch with my emotions.

blubber on at the closing of a door

There were times in life where I cried daily. People remarked jokingly that I could cry from something as simple as a closing door Sad commercials would set me off and thinking about what could have been or what should be would send me wailing. Sometimes it is a cathartic sob would erupt while others left me bone dry and unsatisfied.

I can’t go to the movies without bringing a stash of Kleenex. Tears often cause my nose to run. I don’t want to be stuck wiping tears and other stuff on my shirt sleeve. It is a foregone conclusion that I will weep somewhat  gratuitously. So if you either accompany me or see me at the cinema, prepare yourself.

don’t hold back

When I attempt to stifle back tears, I dive into a funk. It’s kinda like which came first, the chicken or the egg? I don’t know if I cry because I am depressed or if crying itself can cause sadness?

Whatever the trigger, I openly embrace it as part of my general makeup. I am a passionate individual who wears emotions on the outside for the world to see. Maybe I should be afraid of the vulnerability which ensues, How can I maintain a professional exterior while acting like a lamented teenager?

I prefer to follow a flawed leader than one who seeks perfection. It is OK to be strong yet vulnerable. I consider it humanizing to be emotional yet decisive. I do not judge those who weep when happy or sad. In my mind, it is all good.

What triggers the sobfest in you? Are you the stoic type who believes in sucking it up and hiding your feelings from others? What is the last thing you remember crying about? Please share your thoughts and stories.

8 thoughts on “a good cry

  1. Rogier Noort (@RogierNoort) says:

    Last and worst time was the funeral of my dad.., but hey.,. I find that normal. My brother didn’t shed a single tear (as far as I know).
    Since than, not so much anymore.., sometimes when a movie hits the high note.
    I guess I’m much more content with myself, or my path than I used to be. Tears of frustration would explode regularly. Not anymore though…

    Now, I’m gonna call my mom…

    And you, don’t worry about it.., except that it might ruin your regular makeup, get it, see what I did there.., that was really clever.

    Brave post!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Rogier, thanks for sharing your story with me. Did you feel better/worse/no change from your tears. As you can see from the picture, my makeup was destroyed from crying. I guess it would be best to go mascara free if I think the tears will be flowing.


      1. Rogier Noort (@RogierNoort) says:

        Better.., most of the times. It always feels like a release. I guess emotions have to come out one way or another. And when they do, usually it’s ok.
        (in the older days it really didn’t solve anything, no point to it.., no release)


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