sheep in shades of gray


perusing “50 Shades” while getting hair done

Do you ever wonder if you are different or simply graze life like a flock of sheep?  I like to think of myself as a free-spirited individual who sticks out in a crowd. When all my friends were reading 50 Shades of Gray, I simply laughed as it sounded lame and I wasn’t concerned with following the latest fad.

There have been book series I have read that were popular:

  1. Twilight (read them all twice)
  2. Hunger Games (only read once so far, but I loved them all)
  3. Harry Potter (my kids got me into these. How many, like me, cried when Dumbledore died?)
  4. Interview with a Vampire (Hmm. I’m beginning to see a trend here)

I’m sure there are other titles I can’t think of at the moment. My sister Laura asked if I wanted to borrow her copy of the first  book. Upon completing the first chapter, she realized it was crap and put it down for good. I love dares and challenge and figured I couldn’t judge the book if I hadn’t even read it.

“girl porn” (what did I get myself into now?)

Did I really just agree to read this? Sometimes I wish I could just say no when challenged, but I have done far worse in the past than indulge in a naughty book. Grudgingly, I started reading about Anastasia and Christian’s budding romance.

I am no prude, and I didn’t find the contents the least bit shocking. The dialogue was predictable and the stuff meant to be titillating left me flat. Overall, I found the book poorly written, yet I couldn’t stop poring over the pages. What the heck?

It took me all of three days to finish the first installment. The sad part is, although I agreed the book is crap, I had to find out what would happen next. OY! I promptly called my sister and yelled at her for getting me into this series. After all, wasn’t it her fault I started in the first place?

two books and two weeks later….

OK, I admit it that Laura is not to blame for my interest in blatant girl-porn. It would have been just as easy for me to drop the series after the first volume. Before I know it, I’m standing in line at Costco (like other sheep before me) with the other two books so that I could complete the trilogy.

Does it make me pathetic and sad because I became absorbed with 50 Shades of Gray? Truthfully, I think I found a new genre to enjoy: girl-porn. Now I can relate to the countless others before me because I too share in the obsession.

Have you ever read something you expected to hate, only to be drawn in? I liken it to a train wreck that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Is there a book or series that you are embarrassed to admit you enjoyed? Please share your thoughts and stories.

10 thoughts on “sheep in shades of gray

  1. eof737 says:

    I didn’t even know it was a series… 😆 Reality TV always gets me. I hate it but go back for more… It has to do with that voyeuristic nature we all have. 😉


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Eliz, probably best you didn’t know it was a series. One was bad enough. Reality tv is definitely addictive. My favorite other than Iron Chef is ANTM (embarrassing I know). I just love to laugh at the beautiful people. 😀


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