5 warm fuzzies

fuzzy warmth

What makes you snuggly? Hot cocoa, a warm scarf or sweater, perhaps a trip to Paris would make you happy. Is there an action or item that makes you feel all soft and cozy inside? Hmm… soft/cozy = warm/fuzzy.  As a kid, I remember taking pom-poms, gluing googly eyes and calling them warm fuzzies.

Aside from an opportunity to make a big mess with glue (never underestimate the joy in getting covered in the stuff), the point of the warm fuzzy was to validate someone you cared about. It has been eons since I made received or gave a warm fuzzy. Because I love looking up word definitions, I searched the Urban Dictionary and came up with this interpretation of a warm fuzzy.

when someone you love or close to you says or does something that gives you a tingling sensation, and melted or warmed heart, sends your heart racing to the heavens, even the “good” kinda of goose bumps! meaning can be used on a friend, loved one, or your boy/girl friend.
girl says: you are amazing and you make me smile when i see you!
boy: aw warm fuzzies!!!

Daisy gives Sam a wawrm fuzzy
Actually, there are multiple definitions listed but this is my favorite. A little recognition goes a long way. Warm fuzzies can take on different shapes depending on what makes you feel happy inside.

what’s a warm fuzzy to me?

OK, is there something other than a ball of fluff with plastic googly eyes, what makes me feel tingly? I am difficult to buy a gift for because I am fairly particular in my tastes, but when it comes to warm fuzzies, I am easy to please. Here is a list of my top 5 warmest fuzzies.

  1. a loving glance: An instant when I notice someone looking at me with reverence, desire, or something else that is inexplicable. I catch his eyes, telling me a story. This glance melts my heart more than chocolate and flowers ever could.
  2. an unexpected call, text or direct message: When hard at work swamped with thoughts of meeting deadlines running through my brain, I hear my cell phone ring from inside my purse (sitting in a desk drawer). Yeah, I know I should put the ringer on silent when at work, but I usually forget. Anyway, back to the phone alert. It is at that moment when I am crazy busy working that a message means the most as it is unexpected. Just a little blurb reminding me that I am important to someone makes me warm from the insides-out.
  3. chivalry: I don’t consider myself old fashioned, but when someone opens a door for me, or puts the groceries away, it is like handing me a basket of warm fuzzies. Again, my expectations for the most part remain low so it is the small niceties that bring me comfort.
  4. physical contact: I am a passionate emotional being longing for touch. A pronounced caress or kiss is always welcome, but the intimate brush of my shoulder sends shivers (in a good way) down my spine.
  5. spoken word: Terms of endearment like a secret nickname are always welcome to my ears. The warmest fuzzy of all is being reminded that I am loved.

I know that my fuzzies may not be the same as yours. What five things give you the warmest fuzzies of all? Please share your list with me then go out and give someone else a fuzzy to brighten his/her day.

This post was inspired by a prompt from Mama’s Losin’ it

I like her ideas and think I will become a regular over there.

8 thoughts on “5 warm fuzzies

  1. Shauna says:

    Hi Miriam.. Loved the post and I went to visit Mama’s Losin’ it, and instantly fell in love with her blog/vlogs. She is hilarious so thank you for sharing her site with us..

    Warm fuzzies? Hmm Idk really I would say a light touch from someone special. Other than that I really couldn’t tell ya..

    Thanks again..


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Hi Shauna! Mama’s Losin’it was recommended from my friend Shez for inspiration. I can always use some of that. Light touch sounds nice. Now go out and give a warm fuzzy to someone you love. It is always great to share the love. xoxo


  2. carol says:

    Your post was enjoyable to read. I like your spin on comforts and the definition of “warm fuzzies.” I haven’t heard that expression in a while. My list of warm fuzzies starts with socks on my feet. I love the feel of socks… even in the summer!


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Welcome Carol. I am right there with you on the sock thing. I don’t like being barefoot (maybe because I’m ticklish) and I used to collect crazy socks. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your warm fuzzy with me. 😀


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