the inspiration of music

searching for inspiration with music

Finding inspiration can be a chore. Right now, my mind endlessly wanders through different streams of consciousness. I stop searching for a bit. Thoughts slow to a trickle while downing a bowl of Lucky Charms.

OK, back to the path to inspiration. I settle back to the comfy couch in my fortress of solitude (aka bonus room). All snuggly warm in my blanket, ideas should begin flowing anytime now.  How do I gather my senses enough to formulate thoughts into complete sentences?

streams of song

Recently I was talking with a good friend, and fellow blogger, who discovers her muse while music plays in the background. Music has the power to evoke different feelings depending on the subject.

Attempting to gain focus enough to write, I undertake something different and turn on iTunes. Because I usually prefer to write in utter silence, choosing a genre suited for blogging seemed foreign.

What music could give rise to a remarkable post? Should I create a playlist for the occasion? Is it a time for disco, soul, classical, or (god forbid) country. OK, maybe not country as it is the only music that I really don’t like at all.

letting the genius take control

I like playing with the genius playlist maker in iTunes. Pandora is great for hearing new artists, but I didn’t want the commercials. Also at the moment I am finding great comfort in the familiar. Wow! Did I just write an entire paragraph dedicated to creating a blogging playlist? I am worse off than previously thought.

Pathetic as I feel, songs are transporting me to different parts of my soul that are often neglected. One song in particular, an acoustic version of Be Mine by Robyn brings a tear to my eye. Not sure it is supporting my writing efforts, but it did bring raw emotion out to the forefront.

Rather than letting the music guide me, I keep switching over to see which song will play next. This new routine is hindering, not helping me write tonight. Maybe I will choose a single artist in place of a playlist. Sia should be perfect as she has a good mix between dancy tunes and tortured ballads.

Sia, sweep me away…

Now, I begin drifting down a peaceful, sorrowful, beautiful stream. Sia reminding me to Breathe, I think it is time for bed. Maybe I will hit repeat just one more time first.


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