breathe fearlessness

Chaos. Beliefs tested as I slip into darkness. Easier to sleep than face reality of change. I am drifting in a conscious stream holding my breath.

breathing fearlessness
breathing fearlessness


Coming up gasping for air, I wake up cold in bed wanting and wishing; for what I don’t know. More, less, hugs, kisses, love, hate, energy, rest, laughter, tears, stability. I am nothing, yet everything.

Heart racing, warming, forcing me to breathe. Relax. Things will get better, be strong. Keep breathing.

Wrap me in your fearless embrace. Need you. Need me. Love you. Love me.


6 thoughts on “breathe fearlessness

  1. Suzin says:

    Ms. M — so true, it’s easier to sleep than face “reality of change.” What makes you — or anyone — fearless? In my book it’s being yourself and willing to share the real you with the world. That takes guts and trust. Love that.

    Susan xo


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Good Point Suz! If being fearless is about authenticity and willingness to share, I am at the top of the list. My kids and hubbie are always telling me that I share too much, but when I hold back, I get depressed. Guess it is better to share then. Thanks for stopping by xx


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