wrong in all the right ways


So raise your glass if you are wrong

In all the right ways

All my underdogs, we will never, never be

Anything but nitty gritty, dirty little freaks

P!nkRaise Your Glass

pursuit of perfection

What is perfection and why pursue it? Does perfection pertain solely to the physical or is it cerebral in nature?  I understand that “ideal” is relative. Does perfection actually exist outside of our own minds?

Somehow I am reminded of a young girl flipping through the pages of Seventeen Magazine
dreaming about getting perfect hair and makeup so she can resemble one of the models. Who decided this was supposed to be the right look? The scrawny girl with a boyish figure may be attractive to some(?) but it is not realistic for most of us.

wrong in the right way

There is undeniable beauty in imperfection. Rather than agonizing about behaving like the masses, I try to stay true to my inner mermaid, zebra-princess vamp, goddess (whew! what a mouthful). It is so much more fun being me than attempting to suppress my off-beat personality.

So if perfection is not the goal, how do I know if I am right in all the wrong ways? Does someone have to tell me how wrong I am, or is it also relative? Below is a list I created trying to decide if I am truly wrong in all the right ways:

  1. I have no sense of when to shut up, sharing way too much information. If you don’t believe me, ask my kids!
  2. I wear low cut tops that emphasize my boobs. Hey, I think that if you got it, flaunt it. Besides the low-cut tops take away from the fact that I have no waist (TMI?)
  3. When at home, I prefer to pee with the bathroom door ajar. My husband thinks this is gross (you might too) but I don’t like feeling enclosed in a small space. (Besides, obviously I don’t care what you think)
  4. I blow my nose like a fog-horn and have been known to honk my nose in public places when necessary.
  5. I sometimes snore. OK! probably more than sometimes.
  6. I prefer eating with my fingers whenever possible.
  7. I shop too much
  8. I have a potty mouth
  9. I am impatient
  10. I laugh loudly
  11. I want things I can’t have, and don’t rest until I get them
  12. I cry easily and my feelings get hurt (recurring theme here)

yup! definitely wrong

Upon reviewing this “list of wrong attributes,” I have officially come to the conclusion that I am most certainly wrong in the right way. I am perfectly aware of my faults and I don’t let them stop me from enjoying life.

Along with being wrong, I am fiercely loyal and care about the well-being of others. I have a wicked sense of humor and when I laugh, it is never fake. I don’t lie (terrible liar to tell the truth). I am not afraid to admit I am wrong and say that I am sorry.

here’s to being wrong!

Let’s raise a glass together and toast to being wrong in the right way! P!nk got it right when she said that we will never be anyone but who we are. What makes you wrong in the right way? Give up your dirty little secret and share it with me.

This post was inspired by the weekly blog prompt provided by Mama’s Losin’It. If you are in need of a little inspiration (or just some community fun) go check out Kat’s site.



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