3 things about me

Lip gloss Woot!
Lip gloss Woot!

Who am I and what makes me unique? Have you ever really asked this of yourself. I am a complex individual so deciding on only three things was a big challenge for me. But hey, I always love a challenge!

a list of 3

The fun in this prompt provided by Mama’s Losin’ It is in going past the obvious. I write about so many aspects of my life that I wasn’t really sure how deep I would have to dive to discover something new. Here is my list (watch vid for details. It’s short and won’t kill you)

  1. I have a thing for makeup; especially lipstick and lipgloss. I carry a huge cosmetic bag full to the brim with different colored lip cosmetics.
  2. I can’t stand it when someone calls me sweet. I am a nice and likeable person. Nice and sweet are not the same thing. Sweet comes across as insincere (is it just me?).
  3. I have no sense of delayed gratification. This goes way past being impatient, although I am extremely impatient as well. I want what I can’t have and want it now.

your turn!!

What three things can you tell me about you. Don’t be shy! Unless of course one of the three things you want to tell me is that you are shy. I guess that would work.

8 thoughts on “3 things about me

  1. MarlaGottschalk says:

    Here goes Miriam: 1. I am addicted to all things “workplace”. This even includes office furniture. 2. I hate shopping for clothing. (hard to fit) 3. Love a vacation where there is a “room with a view”.


  2. Suzin says:

    Like you Miriam, I dislike being described as sweet for the reasons you mentioned. Hate it too since relatives I didn’t see often nicknamed me “Sweet Sue” to the dismay of my brother. (Cringing right now.)

    Those who describe me that way just don’t know me.

    And they’re probably just trying to be sweet themselves. Ugh.


  3. Suzin says:

    Two more:

    2) I’m never without at least 40 pens in the bottom of my handbag. Surrounded now by 25. Don’t want to know what this long-time quirk says about me.

    3) I am too reserved with strangers but not for long. Some people I meet can instantly bring out my worst side (the adventurous me). People like you.

    I’m not always pleased with my more outlandish antics when I’m in that mood though it’s often as funny as it is mortifying.

    Just hope my maker won’t demand explanations.


    1. miriamgomberg says:

      Suz, it’s hardly your worst side. Although I can see the two of us getting into some great misadventures.

      As far as the pen thing, are they a particular type of pen or like me can you never find one when you need it? I can have a pen behind each ear, one in my purse and still can’t find one.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. M


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