a magical disappearing act

disappearing in the blue blankie
disappearing in the blue blankie

With craziness overflowing, how do I continue forward? As everything gets louder, I find myself looking for ways to escape. Losing time playing solitaire on my cellphone, I evade consciousness. Tap, swipe, tap tappy tap, swipe…The rhythm envelopes me as I magically disappear.

 disappear to where

Ensuring isolation, I extricate myself, hiding in a fortress of solitude (aka bonus room) silently stretching my toes under Avery’s plush little mermaid blanket. Propped with soft throw pillows, gather the laptop and surf.

Any good emails or all spam? Hmm… Moments later, although it may have been hours, emails sorted, spam deleted, action diverted. Is there a post clambering to escape my head, into fingers, translated onto keyboard?

disappear with a snack

Not hungry, but eating for comfort. Food gains love/hate status. Need sustenance, not Cocoa Puffs. Outside noise stills as I crunch hastily. How long can I ingest junk food before getting nauseous? Best not find out. Leave temptation in the kitchen, watch television and fall asleep.

why disappear

Need there be a reason for a need to periodically disappear? Just in case, I came up with a few excuses.

  • cold weather
  • short days
  • looming holidays
  • senseless violence
  • lack of sleep
  • lack of exercise
  • too much time at work
  • too much free time
  • uncertainty
  • feelings of inadequacy
  • hair frizz

imminent reemergence

Eventually the fortress becomes overly quiet and I crave human contact. Snow falls, skiing calls. A new year begins very soon.

  • new beginning
  • new chances
  • new choices
  • old and new friendships
  • bottle of wine with two glasses

Come out from under the pale blue blankie. Spread toes on yoga mat. Smile. The cycle continues.

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